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From intern to CEO knowledge talents, sail new economic blue sea

In 1999, in a remote industrial area in Beijing, Zhao Li, who is about to graduate from Medical College, carefully repeats every experimental operation.

Like other young people on the same floor, his surface is not shocked, but the heart is a sense of excitement, glory.

They are deciphering "life days" – human genome map.

The "Human Genome Plan" is known as a great "moon moon" in the history of human life science.

China is the sixth country that participates in the program outside of the United States, Britain, Japanese, Law, and Germany and is responsible for completing the "1% project" gene sequence map.

In order to participate in the project, the Beijing Huada Genetic Research Center is registered.

Under the joint efforts of scientists, China completed tasks two years in advance.

In the field of pharmaceutical biological fields, gene sequencing technology is one of the science and technology that can have a major impact on human beings, and has broad development prospects.

To undertake the international research project as the starting point, the Chinese genetic testing market has been small to large, from weak to strong, achieving the independent research and development of partial core technology, giving birth to the formation and maturity of many supporting industries; growing out multiple well-known research institutions and emerging Enterprises, grinding the value chain ecological chain of a deep development potential; cultivating a quite influential talents, making China occupying a place in the field of life technology.

In 2017, Huada gene was successfully listed as a "gene sequence first share" in China. Zhao Li, started from the grassroots position, and later participated in the SARS virus genome sequence decipherment, based on multiple tasks such as genetic technology to fight new crown epidemics, and was appointed as China’s large gene CEO in June 2021.