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Enter nature, heart recovery

A new green treatment plan called "ecological therapy" is in the United States.

The concept of the therapy is that human beings should not be healthy, they cannot be separated from nature’s arms, and into the treatment of diseases such as cardiovascular disease as much as possible. Fletcher, a heart disease expert in Florida, USA, said that patients with heart disease need a certain amount of physical exercise, to the outdoor, especially entering nature, and helps the rehabilitation.

For patients who cause chest discomfort or suffering from heart disease, exercise with auxiliary efficacy in nature, some patients can even stop taking expensive and side effects of β receptor blockers. For the patient’s blood, only 20% to 30% of the patient, according to the doctor’s advice, the outdoor exercise can also be carried out in strict monitoring.

Researchers believe that outdoor exercise not only helps to heal after illness, but also beneficial to mental health, this is also particularly important to patients with heart disease.

There is a close relationship between heart disease and depression, and the two are interacting, leading to the physical and mental status of patients.

In fact, about 20 minutes in the nature environment every day, it can effectively resist depression. In Japan, health scholars highlight the "forest bath", think of relaxing, leisure, exercise, deep breathing trees in the forest, can reduce the cortisol content of tension in the human body.

In terms of urban environment, forests can enhance human secondary intersection nervous activity and reduce sympathetic nerve activity.

The deputy-siegery nerve suppression organ is excessively excited, making people serenity; the sympathetic nerves are responsible for making the body nervous, mobilizing the whole body to cope with the critical moment. Experts suggest that if the physical conditions are not allowed to exercise in nature, open the windows, carry out indoor exercise in the place where you are ventilated.

(Zhao Jianyu).