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Guangzhou to achieve full coverage of four public cultural network to form a "10 minutes Cultural Circle"

New Baiyun District Library museum King August 25, the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress on the implementation of the organizational situation of "public cultural services Security Act People’s Republic of China," law enforcement inspection, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio Tourism for Guangzhou implement the "People’s Republic of public cultural service Security Act "situation report (hereinafter referred to as the" report ").

  According to reports, in recent years, Guangzhou, and constantly improve the modern public cultural service system, have been built and put into use a number of major cultural facilities, city, district, town (street) and village (community) four public cultural network to achieve full coverage, service performance rising, people get a sense of well-being significantly enhanced.

In March this year, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Department released a public cultural service evaluation, Guangzhou province ranks first comprehensive ranking.

  Cultural top-level design Text / Wei Lina map / Zhuang Xiaolong a city – Guangzhou, the level of development and construction of public cultural service system to match 2017, "public cultural services Security Act People’s Republic of China" was promulgated. Guangzhou, give full play to the National Center for Guangdong, Hong Kong and cities large role in the Bay Area core engine, continued optimization of the system of public cultural facilities, public cultural products significantly improve performance.

  In recent years, the city of Guangzhou have been built and put into use a number of major cultural facilities, city, district, town (street) and village (community) four public cultural network to achieve full coverage. In March this year, the Provincial Culture and Tourism Department released a public cultural service evaluation, Guangzhou province ranks first comprehensive ranking.

  On the public cultural service system perfect, perfect standard, Guangzhou City attaches great importance to strengthen top-level design. Promulgated the "Opinions Guangzhou, accelerate the construction of modern public cultural service system," the construction of modern public cultural service system into the overall layout of deepening reform, the whole plan, coordinate development.

Promulgated the country’s first capital city public library regulations, "Guangzhou City Public Library", the country’s first local museum special regulations "provisions of Guangzhou City Museum", introduced the "Guangzhou intangible cultural heritage protection measures," perfect the four non-heritage list protection systems at national, provincial, city and district. In planning guide on the Guangzhou to develop public cultural facilities layout planning, "Library of the City" construction planning, adhere to planning in advance, goal-oriented, promote the development of public cultural services into the fast lane, the level of economic construction and social development of Guangzhou, national Center for city status, culture city goal, to match people’s cultural needs of modern public cultural service system. The implementation of a joint motion on behalf of – the 12 key public cultural projects to accelerate floor as promote the implementation of "On the fifteenth session of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress on the first meeting on the promotion of education, culture, health Luan Yuming and other 36 deputies presented and motions in sports, civil affairs livelihood infrastructure planning and construction of the embodiment of the resolution "(hereinafter referred to as" Proposal No. 2 ") of total lead unit, the Guangzhou Municipal development and reform Commission continue to increase co-ordination efforts, formulated the" Guangzhou City people’s government to implement the Municipal people’s Congress resolution No. 2 Proposal embodiment 2021 work plan "to strengthen supervision of the implementation. To speed up the public cultural infrastructure construction of key projects, the Urban Development and Reform Commission to art galleries, cultural centers, Cantonese Opera Institute and other 12 projects included in the bill number 2, to be the focus of supervision, coordination and increase financial protection efforts.

  In the first half of this year, 12 projects in the cultural field are better, and the investment is 10,000 yuan, and 45% of the annual investment plan.

Among them, the four projects of the Southern National History and the Protection Center were completed, and 4 projects such as art gallery were under construction, and the Guangzhou Museum was carrying out the previous work.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, in 2025, Guangzhou will realize "red culture, Lingnan culture, Haishi culture, innovative cultural brand influence improvement, public cultural service system and cultural industrial system more sound, cultural innovation and innovation" is fully excited , Cultural strong country urban paradigm is highlighted, and become a work goal of exhibiting cultural exchange portal for cultural confidence. According to reports, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission led the "Guangzhou Lingnan Cultural Center District Development Plan (2021-2025)" has been approved by the Standing Conference of the Municipal Government, the city Dawan District Leading Group Conference is reviewed and is issued. The plan is proposed, with "Lingnan Characteristics, International Quality" as the pursuit, give full play to the advantages of all districts and cultural resources, with Yuexiu, Liwan, Haizhu is the core area of ??Guangnan cultural inheritance, in the center of the 30 kilomegall of the central city The channel is the cultural boutique promenade, with the axis of the newly old city as the axis of development, with the Tianhe-Huangpu Zengcheng as the east to culture, Panyu – Nansha is the south to cultural belt, Liwan – Foshan is the west culture zone, Baiyun – Huadu – Conghua In the north to cultural stripes, the Space pattern of Lingnan cultural development of "one core and one corridor, two axes" is built, and the special space layout is constructed. Number Guangzhou Public Cultural Service Construction 1. Important Cultural Facilities Construction: Guangzhou Maritime Museum, Nanhan 2nd Museum, etc. The new cultural facilities such as Guangzhou Art Museum, Guangzhou Cultural Museum, Guangzhou Cantonese Theater, have progressed smoothly, and the main body of Kangling site has been completed.

  2. Cultural venues: As of 2020, the city built 1699 public library service outlets, including 566 outlets, and realized a "13th Five-Year Plan" plan for every 80,000 people in advance; Thousands of people have an indoor public cultural facility area square meter, and each 10,000 people have sports farms, basically form a city "10-minute cultural circle" and rural "10 miles of cultural circles.

"3." City of Library ": The total number of public libraries in the city is 29.25 million, and the number of registered readers reached 10,000 people, accounting for the total population.

Guangzhou Library for 6 consecutive years, Guangzhou Children’s Library has ranked first in the same class library in the country for 4 consecutive years.

Huadu, Huangpu, Yuexiu District Library awarded the National Comprehensive Service Efficacy Star.

The Guangzhou National Reading Index went to the province for 4 consecutive years. 4. Cultural Huimin: Average annual organizational public welfare performances, exhibitions, training, competitions, nearly 20,000 times, built "Yangcheng’s summer" citizen culture season, "public welfare culture spring popular" activities such as "Public Welfare Cultural Spring Popular".

  5. Museum services: The city’s museums visit the number of people in the city, and 450 more boutique exhibitions have been launched.

From August 2019, we will take the lead in implementing the museum at night, and launched 6 "Night Tour Guangzhou" boutique tourism routes. Guangzhou and Shanghai, Hangzhou and other five cities selected a national urban heritage and use case, Yongqingfang, Chen Jiaxi, etc.

  6. Boutique Creation: Every year, special funds have supported the establishment of literary quality creations in state-owned literary arts groups, and promoted the development of the cultural group.

Dance drama "Wake up Lions", acrobatics "lifting soft steel wire", film "point-to-spot star" and other 10 works have won China Dance "Lotus Award", Guangdong Province "Five Project" Awards, the World Circus Festival, the highest prize – France The Presidential Award of the Republic, more than 10 awards such as the China Movie "Golden Award", multi-works are selected by 100 "100-year hundred" small "small-scale work creation plan of the National Text Tour," China Acupuncture Art Innovation Project "focusing on the work, List of the famous articles of the national poverty alleviation line.

  7. Expand social power to participate: Encourage social forces to participate in public cultural facilities operation, activities, service resource distribution, etc.

  8. Promote the integration of literature: 11 provincial rural tourism boutique lines, 18 provincial cultural tourism special villages and 17 city-level cultural tourism special villages, 2020 reception of 80 million people, accounting for the city%.

  9. Cross-border exchange cooperation: Pilot construction of seven "Cantonese Britain" and Shawan Wenxi Center, etc., etc. Travel fusion demonstration point. Coordinate the "Collet Cooperation", the city’s primary and secondary school construction campus branch, service outlets, smart libraries, etc., effectively extends the minor service position.