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People’s Network Review: Mid-Autumn Festival, there is me, there is a country

Autumn empty Mingyue hangs, gloring. Along with Dangui fragrance, jade kick is cold, the Mid-Autumn Festival is about approximately. In Guizhou Changshun, Buyi Farmers join hands to collect the rice, hitting; in Anhui Xuancheng, every household is busy with honey jujube, welcoming Mid-Autumn Festival; gathered together in Sichuan, neighborhood, eat moon cake … The same stone sky, enjoy the same In the same round of the moon, countless people welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival in a variety of ways. Every festive season.

Someone is busy, and Zhang Luo has a long-lost reunion; some people think about the homes, and do the plans to go home early; some people send each other, if they have a stomach, I don’t know when I don’t know when I am connected … This is always a warm moment, which is always satisfactory. At the spirit of the Chinese people, it is always hung in a round of the moon. There is a wort and sunny, the sorrow of the joys and sorrows, and there is also a resonance of Huiyuan Wang Township and the home country.

What is a reunion? Everyone has their own understanding.

Perhaps it is a rich banquet, perhaps a crisp but not greasy moon cake, perhaps a long time for a long time, perhaps a kind of mountain water is far-sighted … However, in any case, every reunion method You have me, there is a country. For the priest, this is a spiritual pin of the distance and a cultural agreement with a heart.

A second time, let us be brave enough to pursue the distance; a laughter when a sound is gathered, let us cherish his eyes. There is between the coming, it is gather and is also a gift. Time shifts, in the new era, "reunion" has a more specific and more realistic expression. Some reunions are a kind of obsession, no matter how far, no matter how long, you have to find you – the "Reunion" action of the Ministry of Public Security has been found, and 4302 missing children who have been abducted in the past year have been found, including more than 60 years. There are 22; some reunions are a kind of tribute, the flesh and blood separation, the Chinese people think, no one will forget you – the eighth batch in the Han Zhuan army martyrs returned to China, accumulating more than 700 English souls; some reunion is one I hope, the epidemic does not go home, Mid-Autumn Festival I am in the post, everyone is a molecule of the home country – Fujian Putian College 300 teachers and students starry night assembly, countless holidays. Some people have separated, in exchange for other people’s reunions; a group of people are abandoned, in exchange for more people’s acquisition.

These stories related to the reunion is the value pursuit of dedication, but also surpass "small house" and achieve the noble realm of "everyone".

In this sense, traditional festival is a "little confidence" of life, and it is also a big narrative that thinks. Mid-Autumn Festival, let us more confirm the meaning of "home", more understand the value of "reunion". People are in, heart, home is, happiness is. When reunion, the joys of one person, when the ancient cultural memory is realistic, we have sufficient reason to believe that these ideas, value standards, value standards, must be delayed.

Whether it is a happy reunion night, or the three people’s acori-shadow, those concerns are precious, those accompanying more, and those dedication is moving. In the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Horses, the rest of the individual’s emotions, can also take the responsibility of the country, the responsibility of the country.

This is the meaning of "Monthly Circles" and is also the true meaning of "a thousand miles." (Editor: Wei Simin, Songyuan) Sharing let more people see.