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"The 14th Five-Year Plan" of Huzhou City Education has recently released

  Planned to invest 15.6 billion yuan, new construction, redevelop more more than 60 kindergartens, more than 80 primary and secondary schools; promote the development of urban and rural compulsory education common body expansion, the national compulsory education high-quality balanced area (county) creative rate is 100%; promotion "vocational education The improvement of the promotion of the promotion, "Hushu Municipal Education" Double High ‘Construction Project "…" "" "14th Five-Year Plan", the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Huzhou City, recently released the "road map" of the development of education "schedule". "Planning" clarifies the main goal of the development of Huzhou education in the next five years, that is, the quality of the quality and more quality, more optimized, more comprehensive, more comprehensive, more efficient, more efficient, and more efficient.

Urban and rural education integration levels are further improved, ensuring that each school-age population gets a more fair and better education.

The first impact of "learning in Huzhou" educational brand region has improved significantly. Specifically, children are expected to reach the year, and the average of labor ages is 12 years. Higher education has more than 71%; the level of education modernization level is over 80%. In order to achieve this goal, in the next five years, Huzhou will promote the planning and construction of education layout in an orderly, accelerate the advancement of high-quality praise development in pre-school education, enhance the quality and balance level of compulsory education, and promote the development of high quality features in general high school. Education has stepping high quality balanced development from basic balanced development. It is a new point of education and modern development, and it is also an ardent expectation of the people.

On the one hand, Huzhou will improve the special planning of the education layout, implement the joint approval system for the education land collection of urban schools, and implement the supporting compulsory education school (kindergarten) and the new residential community "five synchronization", optimize the layout of high school education, and accelerate the basic construction of higher schools. Increase quality education resources supply.

  On the other hand, enhance the quality equalization level of compulsory education.

Implementing rural education revitalization, promoting urban and rural compulsory education common body expansion, gradually promoting urban school district school group school or forms a schooling alliance, 2025, integrated in county, and co-construction models It is less than 80%.

Continue to implement high quality demonstrations, high school enrollment places are allocated to junior high school policies, and the distribution ratio is gradually increased to 70%. With the rise of digital reform, the education sector is shaped in digital technology, and the development of digital technology and education management, and education teaching are widely integrated. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Huzhou will work hard to build data collection, governance, service system, and build the education management public service platform in Zhejiang "Education Rubber Cube" and Huzhou City "City Brain".

In-depth development of "Internet + Education" synchronous classroom construction, improve the construction of Huzhou Education Resources Platform.

Create an Internet school, promote the "famous school", build a "famous teacher", high quality popularity "one school a teacher and one living", improve the digital education resource public service system.

  At the same time, it is constantly improving the level of education and opening up, expanding the influence of Huzhou education.

Integrate into the implementation of the Yangtze River Delta Education Integrated Development Plan, accelerate the construction of the "Yangtze River Triangle" Education Development Alliance, establish and improve the sharing of scientific research resources and sharing the cooperation mechanism to give Huzhou education. Strengthen the exchange of Chinese and foreign humanities in the school, consolidate the implementation of "Thousand Schools" to improve the project, and promote "Huzhou Education" take the initiative to go out.

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