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Provincial Disaster Reduction Office pre-judgment Hubei this winter polarization probability is large

Chutian Metropolis News (Reporter Huang Zhong correspondent Shi Denghua Li Wei) The ultimate journalist was learned from Hubei Disaster Reduction Office yesterday that November Natural Disaster Integrated Risk Situation Analysis Report was released, reminding various departments to prevent forest fires and The effect of stages of low temperature wind, big fog, and other disasters, but also to prevent seasonal epidemic diseases from weather mutations.

According to the National Climate Center, it is expected that the Lena incident weaken to moderate strength will be formed in winter. The influence of the Commercial Lanina incident on Hubei, as well as the situation in Hubei natural disasters this year, Hubei Disaster Mitigation Office pre-judgment: this winter has a large cold probability. According to prediction, in November this year, Hubei temperature was generally close to all years, and the trend was low before the trend; the province was less than 1 to 30%. "Comprehensive temperature graph and the average daily temperature prediction of the province, the temperature in the province has a relatively large temperature in the province, at least 3 to 5 high and low switching process, especially in early November to 9, the temperature changes High and low switching, the temperature difference of 10 ° C can cause 10 ° C in a short time, and this weather is extremely easy to induce cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

"The person in charge of the provincial disaster reduction office said that the temperature of the temperature and the sudden drop will adversely affect human health.

In the middle of October, there was a high temperature in the province, which was affected by it, and the hospital’s cold cough, myocardial infarction, brain, and gastrointestinal diseases, there were significant increases, and many departments have increased from last month. Two-three%, should be attached.

At the same time, the weather such as big fog will bring more pressure to traffic safety. In November, Hubei entered the haze and easy-to-hair period, and it was necessary to pay special attention to the impact of the fog, the wind, the fog, and the traffic safety.