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"One year is 700 million chapters", positive energy promotion should stop the wind

Jiang Debin recently, a self-media pusher entitled "one year of 70 million chapters, the Chinese construction four employees has successfully broken through the limit of human limit".

On November 17, the reporter called Zhongjian Fourth Bureau Guizhou Investment Construction Co., Ltd., the company’s staff responded that the article was released on the company’s internal WeChat public account on September 30 this year, because the author is written When you don’t make a strict audit before you have a mistake before publishing it. "At present, the company has verified the incident, ‘700 million" is wrong. "The staff said that the company is meeting to handle this issue. This is an article that promotes the model employee. The result is that the data is too exaggerated, turned into a large-scale rogue site, causing the collective ridicule of netizens. With a good thing, I calculated according to the "one year of 700 million chapters", even if the employee did not have a year, 24 hours was working, and the average was also covered in 1331 times per minute. It is equivalent to block 22 per second 22. Times, it is clear that the "Thousands of Guanyin" is obvious, which is beyond the task of manpower, and it is impossible to complete, is a typical data "exaggeration style". This is a powerful publicity, and it will lose its meaning and invert it. "Low-level red", must not. According to the state-owned staff, "700 million" is a pen mistake, and the one million units are wrong. This is to push the fault to the author and edited from the media. However, it is clear that there is a "three confirmation of the department colleagues" in the article, and the number of stamps is not wrong.

In fact, it is clear that there is a problem with the publicity method of the enterprise. There is impetuous, exaggerate the facts, forgive positive energy, can face public opinion criticism, or refuse to admit mistakes, lack of error correction.

In recent years, some government departments, state-owned enterprises, and institutions have lacked the conscientious work attitude of the foot-on-field, and is keen to exaggerate the propaganda, forged data, and the plot of being flexible. It seems to establish typical examples. In fact, it is not reasonable and stuffed, and the irony and criticism of netizens.

Such a low-level publicity routine not only does not reach the promotion effect, but it is appropriate to reflect.

For example, a court of Heilongjiang Province issued a document on the Internet. But it is "low red" that violates human feelings.

"Super Friend", "Super Friend", "Super Friend", "Super Friendly Thousands of Cases", "Chaoye 8th", 5 hours a day, almost no break in almost all year round, but advocated "Super long class", contrary to the Labor Law, is not a face. Positive energy promotion should be alert to the "low red" "high-grade black", establish an example to be true and credible, pay attention to details, can’t create a high image, and freely fictional facts, forgery data. Need to keep in mind that real information is the most valuable, the true feeling is best to touch people, trying practical work and life details, closest to ordinary people, and is also the most attractive.