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Retired old party member Zhaiwang Heap: Practice the initial enthusiasm

Original title: Retired old party members Zhaxi Heap: Practice the initial enthusiasm in the public security community in Lhasa City Niangbei Road, often can see an old man wearing security patrol arms in the community entrance and export monitoring point, he is the community A very familiar community group leader Zhaishi. 16 years ago, Zhaxi retired from the Traffic Police Detachment of the Lhasa City Public Security Bureau and took off his alarm uniform.

However, as an old communist party member, the old public security police, the loyalty is the initial heart of the people, and it has already been engraved into the depths of the soul.

  On the weekdays, Zhaxi is a member of Lhasa, a member of the old art group, retired for more than ten years, not only active on the grassroots cultural stage, but also try to constantly improve the community environment, and do practical things for the masses. , Solve problems, and have won the recognition of the residents in the residents in the heart, interpreting the initiality and mission of the Communist Party members with practical actions. The more you are in a critical moment, the more you can highlight the communist.

Since the development of the exhibition of the epidemic, there has been a first time in Zhaxi, the first time of the Party age. In the past two months, Zhaxi, the 66-year-old Zhawang, and Cang, who attached to the first line of the epidemic prevention, register all the vehicles in the entry and out of the community, and patience Persuading, and actively undertake the working temperature monitoring and community environment disinfection work. Fine work, patience, intimate service, drive all households to consciously contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic. With the full understanding of the family members of the community residents, he actively launched the forces of the guards and "Double Intersection" residents and other community residents, and the efforts to conduct people’s investigation work, and timely publicize policies and regulations.

  "Although I have already retired, I will leave the post."

At any time, it is responsible and mission as a party member. "Zhaxi Wang said firmly.

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