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Yutian mud plastic: the song of the soil

Xinhua News Agency Shijiazhuang September 28th: ??Yutian mud plastic: mud’s singing peach and Liu Green, boldly exaggerated modeling … in Yutian County, Tangshan City, Tangshan City, Yutian Mud King "studio, Yutian mud It exudes a rustic and simple feelings and people’s love of land. Yutian mud plastic is known as mud toys, has been more than 200 years of history, and in 2008, the national intangible cultural heritage was selected. After the rise and fall, the local people still use this way to give the dirt color and life through the fingertips, and the forwarding and pinning of the heart is planned. The picture shows Yutian mud plastic artists are talling muddy production.

The Ministry of Propaganda Department of Yutian County Committee of Tangshan City is a 44-year-old Wang Zhenfeng, which is the fourth generation inheritor of Yutian mud plastic, and is one of the founders of the "Yutian Mud King" studio.

Wang Zhenfeng introduced: "When we were young, we took the trend of the trend, as long as the street was loud, I just came to the bin of the box, the insole, etc. Running, brought endless joy.

"In the 1960s, in the Jiantian County, Yutian County," The Mud Man Street "traveler shuttle, bustling like a cloud.

At that time, there was a song, "" I gathered the flute, the paintings of the painting, and the players were selling clay people. "

Because Yutian mud plastic sales is wide, the money is fast, when almost every household will do. But later, with the development of the times and the improvement of people’s living standards, various plastics, electronic toys have emerged, and mud toys are gradually fixed in memory.

Wang Zhenfeng looked at the older generation of mud plastic masters. After successive, it was very sad. In 2005, he and his friends Wang Hui started the "Yutian Mud King" studio, and he was determined to let Yutian mud plastic. They started to learn from the teacher, drilled historical materials, deepened to Yutian mud mold.

At first glance, the color of Yutian mud placed. Wang Zhenfeng said, "Yutian mud plastic is made of edible pigment plus animal skin gum, and the edible pigment is unlike chemical pigment coverage, so in the molten color of the color, the collision is particularly rich." Because From the hands of the people, Yutian mud plastic surgery, exudes a strong local breath.

"Most works have no overall drawings detailed, or even abstract.

"Wang Zhaofeng said, as" letter "in the art creation, the pursuit is not realistic, but the original, simple chest, the so-called" unreasonable art ". In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics The subject of Yutian mason works.

Tangshan Yutian County Committee Propaganda Department is awarded "Yutian mud plastic ‘unscrupulous", seemingly naive, in fact, the creation needs deep skills.

"Wang Zhenfeng said that in thousands of worlds, it is necessary to highly condensed the characteristics and exaggerate.

Although, the outline of thick lines may not meet the proportion of human anatomy, but the smooth expression can be shocking.

Traditional Yutian mud plastic, multi-material in myths, drama people, or people’s production work. Inheritance people in "inheriting tradition, integrating into modern", imparting the stereotype of mud plastic surgery.

In recent years, the mud plastic works of the Winter Olympics, fighting new crown epidemic, are also very popular.

"Please fight" in Yutian mason works in the theme of the topic of neozel pneumonia. The Propaganda Department of Yutian County Committee of Tangshan City is now map, every day, on Sunday or holidays, in the Yutian County Cultural Museum, many children are guided by the teacher, experience the mud, pinch tires, mold, drying, laying, etc. Feel the fun of your fingertips.

In order to promote the popularization, the non-legacy of the inheritance, Wang Zhenfeng, also prepared a mud plastic textbook, and used in primary and secondary schools in Yutian County.

"Country culture represented by mud plastic is the source of farmers’ life and value for thousands of years.