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“What is that?!”Fuffmea raised hands and a space cutting,A armored car snorted into two halves,The driver of the driver is sitting on the ground,But everyone did not think about this armored vehicle,Including Freelian yourself,All rare light is attracted by the light blade that is like running.。

“This isleaderDo you want to fight against enemies??”Not far from the short wall,Beravulate,The original dark eyes have a deeper point,Looking at the direction of the light blade in the distance,Muttering,It has always been clearly horrified in the first time in the contesty, and the last time.,“Herein”
“This extent,It’s too foul.!”Binzhi is biting a teeth,Explore the short wall,Run your hand, I opened two shots.,The two Russian appearance of the Russian screamed in the ground,“And these damn guys,Here is a village,Why do they attack here??”
“do not forget,We are now experiencing a war。”Beravulation,The face gradually recovered the episode of the past,“Those Russian military and the people where we are in place come to some extent,It is an enemy relationship,Don’t forget this matter。”
“So you don’t have to use the scruples of us with the death of the villagers.?”Binzhi is changing the bullet,Some indignation,“How can it be a neighbor??These guys are really a soldier??”
“Chaos。”The bundle is shaking his head,Just want to stand up,What did you think of?,Regenerated back,“no,This is no way to use this,It is estimated that it will be sieved.。”
“What should I do??”Binfside hands and hosted a gun,“We now make a powerful,But it is really too little.!Franda two two times will soon be busy!”
“They are still good two,”Wrinkle frown,“I am worried about them now.”
The words of the bundle are not finished yet.,A bullet is not far from her.,Snowfish,Multi-loss,A sleeve that pulled the bundle,Pull her ahead,Otherwise, the bullet does not hit her.,Light is those who are splashing snow enough to drink a pot.。
“See it.,People who need worry now are us。”Bide, a bitter laugh,“You didn’t find,Is there more and more chaos now??”
“According to their original direction,This village should be just on the road they pass.。”After the pot, I wrinkled and frowned.,“Should not be their destination”
“Have no mistakes。”The bundle is shattered,“But,Their advanced direction seems to be there.?”NS,The beam is gently lighted in a certain direction in the distance.,Then two all revealed the expression that suddenly realized。
“I see。”Rheney face,Watching the direction of the previous light blade disappears,“This is this, a ghost.!The enemy has played well.!”Bide, jumping up,A faceless two shots have knocked down two enemies again.,“The enemy is coming to the face.!”
“砥 砥!”Franda and Freelia have never been moved from the distance.,Two people released together,The respective vigilant guards,“Heart,These people are too much.。”
“Although it is a chaos,But that is, the army.。”Beravulatory,“Bring these villagers,We temporarily retreat。”
“retreat?”Binzhi,“Where to retreat?Do we have anything to hide here??”
“These villagers live for a long time.,It should be prepared for this situation.。”The bundle is wrapped in clothing,“If I haven’t guess wrong,They should have a place similar to the basement to avoid armored vehicles.,So we need to do it now.,That is, put these chaos。”
“hateful!”Franda raised his hand to take a hand thunder,A face is not willing,“Can we destroy these guys??I am a wordlevel4”
“Even if you,I am afraid I can’t confront so many chaos at the same time.。”Bunch of 砥 砥 抿 抿 抿,“This group of chaos has more than a thousand people.,With their weapons and equipment,You can’t destroy them with Freelia.,unless”
The words of the bundle are stopped.,But what is the meaning of what it means is clear,So everyone followed down.。
level4Level capacity can’t resist so many army,So what person can?
How long is the name going in the past??
So many people yourself,Thousands of miles to Russia,What is it for??
“Let it go。”The bundle is silent for a moment,Faint open mouth,“Temporarily lead the villagers to leave,Let’s next step”Her words have not finished,Suddenly,It seems that someone has a card like her throat.,Let her eyes unconsciously。
“this”Franida’s body suddenly shock,Then stay also,In her palm,It is just a moment,Suddenly ignited a dazzling blue arc!
Silent fragmentation is quietly blocked in the air,A spatial crack appeared in air,And uncontrolled increasing,Fuffmea widened,She is extremely determined,This crack has nothing to do with her!
“Ah, ah, pain, pain!”Franida looked at the sudden arc on the hand,Heeled,Fiercely painful,then,She fierce,Bombard,That huge juiceraiThe force field detector appears again,Squeezing from the crack,Heavy smashing。Unlike the previous no response,At this time, this huge machine is low.,In the glass cover,The dazzling blue arc is crazy.!
“this!”See this scene,Wards in the wrapping mind!
What is the representative of this scene?,She is clear again!
Like a surprised general,next moment,A bright electricity suddenly lit in the half air,Due to the haze of the wind and snow,Heavy smashing battlefield center!
Along with the current of breakdown air,A Qinglan female voice slowly sounded over this battlefield。
“Really can’t think of,Can see you here。”Central battlefield,Tea hair is gently picked up with her fragments.,Bright in your eyes, rare bright,“tell me——”
“Where is the Qing Palace??”
NS663chapter Awaken
level:level5;grade:Superpower;describe:Experience can be confronted alone。——From the urban capacity rating。
The urban city is known as scientific capital,Among them, it is the powerful person.。More than180Wan represents the ability of students,There are eight powerful human beings located in the power of the power.,They are calledlevel5,That is, true super power。