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第751章 建康风云(3)
“此事不好处理。名不正言不顺,就算侯安都他们接受 了,也还是会有人跳出来反叛的。”
南陈的核心统治区域就在江东,再往西,South,That is all listening, no listening to the public,Even Guangzhou,Cannot be fully controlled。
Once Chen Yizhen is called the emperor,Those hairy will definitely jump out,Take advantage of。You can’t call it.,Can only be said to be flare,Don’t play with South Chen。
They vote from Wang Lin,North,Both possible options。And Chen Jun is peaceful because of these two years,Another experience of the emperor,New monarch is unfair,How much combat is really two。
First line general,What combat power is Chen Jun?,Chen Wei may just know one or two,But Zhang Zhaofa is thereBNumber。
Chen Hao’s brow wrinkled deeper,Because he knew that Zhang Zhao said right。In these two years, South Chen is rich.,Army fighting power,But drop,Because everyone has went a lot,I don’t want to http://www.ruitongdai.cnsend it.。
Since trade with North Qi is rich in harvest,Then why do I want to crack the west and have no oil-free Jiangzhou hairy?!This account will count。
“Brothers,Constantly,Refine,When it is not hesitant。Not only Qi State staring at us,If the brother does not stand up at this time,Then the situation will deteriorate faster。
I know that there are not many people in this matter now.,Brother, should be turned on to occupy Jiankang,Put the Queen,Take a destination!
Behind,Come slowly clean up the residence。”
Chen Yu’s powerful,The young face is full of perseverance.。
This is what he is.!
Chen Wei and Zhang Zhaoda、Cai Jingqi and others face each other,I don’t know what to say.。
Chen Wei’s meaning very well,That is, no matter how much,When the emperor said,Don’t waste precious“window period”,After this village, I didn’t have this store.。
This approach is a bit similar to strange young men and women, and they must have all rooms.,Male wants to pursue women’s,Chen Yu’s practice is that no matter what woman does not agree.,Directly forced bed to come to a time。
As for the incident, I was raped by the other party.,Still when men and women are even married,Have a later words,Anyway, I will do it again, I will definitely don’t suffer.。
Chen Wei secretly vetoed Chen Yu’s suggestion in his heart。
He can understand,My brother has always been a proton,In fact, there is no difference with the journey.。
Chen Hao is now there in something with substantial ownership,He naturally dares to let go of the hand and foot,Earn more money is earning。
And Chen Hao himself is holding the heavy soldiers in the capital of the capital.,I have been unlimited from that position.!
Struggler,He has。
Grain,He has。
Ask for money,He also has。
Want,He still has。
Chen Hao almost all conditions have,It is the difference between it.,So he dares gambling,Not worth gambling。
The atmosphere in the county is suffocating,Especially Chen Hao said his view,Everyone disagree with his thoughts.,But there is no opening to refute his suggestion。
after all,For ambition,Sisters who have to occupy it anyway,Men are doing any means,Even if it is the last colorful means。
“Prince,There is a proposal in the down.,I don’t know if I can’t。”