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Yu Pei is full of light,And then shot a light column,Washing out。

Just listen to the bang,Three mountains do not far from,Directly chemical。
Three people were scared by this huge power!Just one hit,Not a broken block,But it will make a smoke.。
Han Feng’s gaze,Flashing greed。
“When will Gogjan??”
Lin Xiao suddenly laughed,“Should be fast……”
NS3936chapter Cross
NS3936chapter Cross
Wink in a year。
Summer and Gogjian compete for second practice,The strength is also solid growth.。
Especially in summer,In this year,He began to transform changes in the vision。
Energy node in the previous unpolated map,Can only be considered a five-piece first-order big array。
Only one million cave。
In this year,He continues to add and transform,Finally reached the change of two million。
Summer can feel that your strength is being enhanced in a high-speed state.。
Unprofitive map is the energy source of the power of chaos,Far growing energy to transform。
Now now,The second star ring of the unpolated map,Already reached 30%。
this means,He is on the road of chaos two heavens,Take a big step。
This kind of practice,Even the conspires are the same as the road,Others also shoot horses can’t catch up.。
This is the advantage of summer,It is also his circumstances。
Although he passed on the practice of Yanchuan Road。
But I walked out my own path.。
Not exaggerated,Thinking,Let the summer are in practice,Many places have another way,Sword walking,I don’t want to think about others.,Don’t dare to travel others。
In addition, there is a special achievement.。
also,And one more thing。
Summer is also taking time to give a space law。
That group wanders in the outermost fog of the nebula,It is the space of the space law。
One thing I found in summer。
Or,Got an answer。
That is,Space is also a substance!
But this substance,It is made from numerous species that is more mysjection.。
The rules contained in the substances such as the usual intensive fluid water five elements are large.。
more complicated,A more mysterious,More advanced。
His space law in the five-bedroom mountain,Different from Goflton,Need to care quietly。
Every existence,It is progress。
Summary also I have a small skill。
He is periphery,Form a spatial rotation,Wrap the unpolated map in it。