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Lin Feng came out,Suddenly caused an uproar。

“I rubbed,10Billion dollars!”
“Be too frank,Go directly10Billion dollars!”
“Gamble is too overbearing,This bureau,The flow amount is at least billion dollars。”
“You don’t look at all these people.,Gamble,President of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,He is the big shareholder of the Moon Lake Jewelry Processing Co., Ltd.,Occupy40%Contract,And this company’s cash has seven or eight billion dollars.,This company’s profitability is very powerful,The gamble is at least300Billion dollar bills。”
“wipe,Then he didn’t go to the Forbes rich list.?”
“You are stupid.,Will Worth Statistics??Huaxia has more people,The world is also,Some ancient family is very rich,These people are not willing to put on the list,There are also some high officials and their relatives in Huaxia.,Some of the property is very horrible。”
“makes sense,It seems like Hu Run said,His statistical Chinese rich list is actually a true rich30%,other70%Both can’t count,But listen to you,This hidden rich people are more。”
“is not that right?This Liu Shengzhi,The two portions of the East China Sea are the same.,The respective back forces have controlled a province’s underground world forces,And the East China, is actually their forces.,They are the least lack of money。”
“fear,fear,Passion is also struggling for a lifetime, but also a hair。”
“10Billion dollars,Gamble,You really have a powerful。”蛟日 天天 朗:“Dagujun,Extraordinary,How do you mean?”
“10Billion dollars?very good,I agree。”Liu Shengzao Road:“lowest10Billion dollars!”
“I have no opinion。”Empty blood:“This is enough to stimulate!”
“But I have a little requirement。”蛟日 天天 朗:“This time, our gambles we have the main force.,Many people come here today,Our four people are still a little monotonous,I hope other people also participate in,lowest1Billion dollars,How is the four digits??”
“absolutely okay!”Lin Feng,Bloody sky,Liu Shengzizu three people nodded。
“Ha ha,We can also participate。”
“I also participate。”
“This gamble is probably in the history of Donghai.,I also participate。”
“go,We have!”Many people have surrounded up,People who can come to Jinlong Mountain is not rich,Other two big powerful people in the East China,China’s other big majors in China,Even the big forces from overseas,For example, there are five poisonous people.,Higmen’s some big brothers。
Even people have the price of the current forever。
“I have no opinion,We are gambling,You are a man,They can choose to embellish or bet me.。”Lin Feng looked at the daily day:“Dagujun,Blood, you have no opinion.?No opinion, start。”
NS222chapter One-lasting
“We have no opinion。”Liu Shengzuo and the blood are headed by。
“it is good,Since you have no opinions,That start now。”I am looking at a black dress in the sky.。
A black body shadow in the distance is turned to a car.,Then open the trunk,There is a golden tray in the trunk。
There are three scorpions on the golden plate.,Both use good golden silk nan wood carving。
There is still twelve dice in the golden plate.,This twelve dice is used as a tooth carving,Workmanship is very delicate,Value。
“Forest brother,Weapon,Dagujun please。”The heirlooms and sleepers。
“it is good!”Lin Feng,Daily day,Liu Shengzu has moved towards the pavilion,Lin Feng is sitting around Bei Xue Yin and night cold。
Opposite to Lin Feng in a daily day,Blood length and Liu Sheng Dagas also lying on the chair,Many of the other people have also surrounded up.,There are dozens of people in foot,These people have identity,Status。
“There is less,Can’t play,I propose how nine dice?”Trendy day, look at everyone:“About the gambling,We don’t talk about who are the people.,Let’s play a game,The two of us guess the number of dice points.?”
“Nine dice,it is good!”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Nine dice!”
Tell this,Suddenly let everyone disconnect,What is the play??Be listening!
What is a person’s listening??
In addition to some special people’s talent,The most important thing is to repair and the scene of the moon.,In this way, you can repair a peerless gambling。
The difficulty of nine dice is too big.。
Even if the hard work of the martial arts is not possible to listen to the exercise gambling for a long time.,The martial arts master is a long-term monthly practice gambling,I am afraid there is only a chance of more than one.。
And this taste actually came up with Lin Feng to gamble.,Nine dice。
“Nine dice,sharp,sharp!”Liu Sheng Dasu thumbs up:“Ding Qiankun,Nine nine big noct,Nine dice is profound。”