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“I have left a small family.。”

“call,That’s good。”
Xia Xue is clearly tone,Follow-up,“I will let Liu Qingqing live with me these days.,You hurry to go to the Longcheng.,Stinky boy,Everything has to let the old lady are worried about you.……”Summer mouth,Speak without saying。
Xia Xue is half a day,This hangs up the phone。
And summer enters a small supermarket,After a moment,The hands and two beer came out.。
He did not go far,I came to a park nearby.。
The building is good,Rockery,Lake,The artificial lake in the center is even sparkling。
Surrounding small bridge,Even in the night,It seems to be beautiful。
Go to a pavilion in summer,Later, pick up a bottle of beer directly,Open bottle cover,Lonely,Drink。
He came here,Naturally, it is not forced。
But……kill!In a sense,He returned to Qinghai to visit Su Xiaoxue family,It is only one of the purposes.。
He also wants to bait itself,Trying to catch a secret。
New Year’s Eve,Ming Wu once told him in the situation of paper,He was monitored,In order not to fight grass,Ming Wu decided to cooperate with each other。
Their goal is very simple,Summer。
This matter,More than one person knows,Ming Wu also notifies his father with the same situation。
In fact。
Summary is a little surprised。
I didn’t expect Ming Wushui to tell him this.。
Not the belly of the heart of the villain。
Instead of Mingwu Character……I am afraid that he can’t wait to accident.?
Even until now,He is a little。
This time I go back to Qinghai,He met with Su Xiaoxiao,Indeed not to be aware of someone tracking。
This also makes the summer have to doubt the authenticity of Ming Wu’s information.。
after all,Everything is Ming Wu’s self-present。
Never thought,Just now,He actually noticed that there was a glimpse of his back.。
Not fantasy。
Summer strength,Can also make a spirit,With hostile eyes,He is naturally aware。
Look up,I keep a bottle of beer to fill a bottle of beer,Pick up a bottle of infusion。
After five consecutive five bottles,Stop a moment,Start drinking slowly。
He just looks,These people will not take the initiative to jump out。
And behind a rockery in the park,A woman with a western hole,A phone call,“He entered the garden park,A person drinking……”“Drink?”