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San Francisco County Prison。

“Wang Lao,This ghost weather is simply freezing.,You are lying more comfortably in the bed.。The kitchen is going to kitchen.,As long as three camels,With the kind of smoke,make a deal?”
An old age in the age of 20,Young man with short hair,Standing on the side of the iron window。
His name is Chen Linzhi,Just have more than four pounds,Mr. Fengshui helps you have such a name,Said is the five lines of lack,Some angry,Just use“Ganoderma lucidum”Puine Town。
Discussion from the old tradition、Old concept of persistence,It can be said that the source is far from the Source of Chinatown.,Local, many people believe this set。
Chen Linzhi is very high,Surprise。
During the long-term Wang old head,Hand grabbed the iron fence,Fitness equipment,Get easy and easy to make several attractive upwards,I will drive cold。
The local temperature is very small to reach minus,There is no air conditioner or fireplace,Wind from the San Francisco bay,Wet cold,Big guys are not too thick clothes。
Look outside the iron railing,Outside the shrine,Already can’t see some white snow,Window without glass,Continuously there is wind irrigation,Just freeze。
The old man of the surname is left to goose,Don’t look at the thin and weak,I heard that young people will be a role.,Two lifetime imprisonment was sentenced,Light can see more seriously from the sentence.。
As for what exactly,Chen Linzhi asked,But this old man has never been closed.,Half words are not willing to reveal。
Wang Yaodou was closed in the demon island prison in his early years.,That is on the island of nearby sea,The heavy prison isolated by sea water,In the 1960s, the demon island prison close,And the age is getting bigger,Centrally stable,I was transferred to this light prison.。
I have been in the past two decades.,With years of operation,Wang Yao has a book from outside to cigarettes、Wine、Snack, etc.,There is also a very popular in prison.《playboy》Magazine,So no matter what Asian,Or black、White group,All give three points,Quite giving face。
Nobody is willing to sin the old man,Self-breaking door road,Trading used to change materials is also five flowers,Can buy money、You can also use a message to change,There is also like Chen Linzhi.,Help do some miscellaneous。
“Not,Today has a meat,Although it is a kind of ubilous angle of not worthless,But it is also meat.,I can go to the kitchen to eat more,Your kid can really pick a day。”
Wang Lao said,But still from the pillow, two cigarettes,Hand it to Chen Linzhi,Yourself。
Find a match,The smoke flavor is quickly blown,Already considered a rare fairy moment。
So-called challenge,Refers to Christmas.。
Christmas Eve tomorrow,Christmas day after tomorrow,Add food according to the rules,Patting your guys。
Light prison is good,Slightly loose management,Especially the king of the door is very wide.,I have to pay some money on weekdays.,So the day is still good。
Chen Linzhi just learned to smoke。
He is that he,It is not that he.。Or,He is not a root of Chen Linzhi,At least not。
Originally living2020year,Juveniles growing in the red flag,University graduates just found a job at the bank,Rare miles back to San Francisco in the 1980s,And it is still in this iron fence in this iron fence.。
That is what happened three months ago,Take over Chen Linzhi’s body,There are many memories of Chen Linzhi in his head.,Like integration。
In the initial month,It is difficult to accept this reality,Like scholastic split。
By now,Finally,The whole person is calm。After all, so many days and nights,The miracle of expectation has not happened,It’s not that my own courage,It’s better to die.,I don’t know if I don’t recognize it.。
Camel cigarette burned,The odor is scattered,Has a part of people in the next door,Whispering,Whether it is Wang Lao’s head or Chen Linzhi ignored the other party’s meaning。
The old man is sitting in the nest,The nose is on the side of the old aging.,Dry cough,Ask:“I remember that you are just because of fighting.,Only four months in the sentence,Calculate the days to go out?”
“Um,Two days left,I don’t want to stay in this ghost.,I can’t come in again.。”
“When I came in, I just ended.,What is it unclear now?,Remember to send me a few photos,You are so young,Can not come in the best。”
Wang Lao said to sigh,I haven’t seen my heart.。
Sitting in bed,Hand your cigarette butlean to Chen Linzhi,Let him throw out from the window,After passing the time:“What to do after going out?”
This question Chen Linzhi did not think about it.。
From the memory,“Own”11 years old entered the church shelter,Parents are not there.,Nothing to relieve relatives can help,After adulthood, I have done a few jobs.,Time is not long,I finally ran to the casino,Rack。
No matter which angle is seen,The life of the previous year has failed,A few words“Lin Ge”Flutter,I thought it was really out of the name.,The left chest is still tattooed on the arm.,Area is not small。