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Yue Lingxi feels dizzy,I heard Lu Wei’s voice,She is a moment。

No eyes open,As a dream,Glamorous and unclear northwest southeast,Self-speaking openings:“Yiyi!I was smashed out.,I actually hear our indifference and ruthless ban.,But the taste of him is so familiar with it.,It seems like the man of that night.!”
Lu Wei Jun is tightly tight,Holding her head,not moving at all。
Tang Yiyi:“……”She knows one word one word,I don’t know it together.。
What is the man like that night??
Tang Yiyi’s view of Lu Weijun,Surprised opening:“Male god,You know our stream?”
Lu Weijun will return to God,certainly,I also know that she regards herself as it.。
“know。”He is cold and spit out of the word。
“what……”Tang Yiyi,How is the male god??
Yue Lingxi slowly slowly,Farm open eyes,Sunshine has some glare,Half-shaped shackles,Corner,The other is hidden in the light,Wearing blue vest sportswear and shorts,Muscle lines are smooth and powerful,Fades in a handsome and elegant suit,He at this time,More than a bit of love,Less than a bit of disabled。
“President!”Yue Lingxi lost his voice。
Thinking of just speaking for himself,She is almost even rolled to climb the embrace of Lu Weijun.。
Lujia three brothers:“!!”
Tang Yiyi:“……”
Lu Weijun that was disappointing:“……”
莫名 其 被 灵:“……How can I be here??”
NS2344chapter He is like a man at night
Lu Weijun:“I have a brother to play nearby.,Sorry,Just now I hit you.。”
“what……”Yue Lingxi touched the back of the back。
Look at the court,Such a high distance can also be smashed out,It’s still so clever on her head.,How much is she used??
“I am fine.,President, you don’t have to worry?”Yue Lingxi laughs,Hand also touched the place where,Laugh, some silly。
Lu Weijun on the sun,Sweat is also flowing on the forehead,The body of the body is full of hormones。
Many people handsome,Where to come to see love。
Lu Weijun is still unassured,Just all being dizzy。
“Would you like to go to the hospital??”
Yue Lingxi shakes the head:“Need not,I am really nothing.。”
Tang Yiyi looked at two,I always feel a bit wrong。
pity,Continental,Not her male god。
She is married after her god,It seems to be accompanying my wife and children.。
“Hey…”Tang Yiyi sighed a sigh。
The atmosphere seems to fall into a deadlock。
Lu Yi Yao smiled:“elder sister,Sorry,My brother is very strong,This goal is not careful to be out of the basket.。Don’t,elder sister,Let my brother, please eat it.,I am going to have lunch.,We are also hungry,It’s better to go to eat together.。”
Lu Yao felt that the big brother is still playing a bachelor.,Like him so cold temper,I don’t know if I can marry my wife.。
The children of the second brother are in elementary school.,Every day and they play video phones,Very cute!
Just a big brother took the initiative to hug this sister,This shows that the sister is still a bit important in his heart.。
See how good he is your brother.,To worry about your own learning,I have to worry about my big things.。
Lu Yujun looked at your brother,He is actually thinking about it.,But afraid that Tang Jun。