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“It is said that,You are called in Yucheng,To make me?”

Gao Boyi is like a laughing。
High-spirited a sharp monkey,Let Gao Bi skept that he is a partner that is next door.。
“Hey,Big big brother,I am not a joke.,Don’t mind,Don’t mind。I have no idea of Zhang Hong Niang.,Really didn’t,Those are rumors。”
At this moment, I have a smile on my face.,I didn’t hug my grandfather.。
It’s really faster than the book.,Long-term knowledge。
Everyone is right“People are invincible”Have a deeper understanding。
to be honest,This is too embarrassed tonight.,Everyone has some feelings of 囫囵 枣。Haven’t done yet,It’s already over.。
Not only Gao Bao,It is Silairo and Wang Yuansun.,They all feel that some is still unfair,Not happy enough。
how to say,This is like a woman who has a husband.。I thought that the other party is hard to hook up.,In advance, the waves did a lot of prepared work results.,It was pushed by the other party.!
Because the level of high-spirited is too bad.,Different to Gao Bao Yi and others suspect life,Subvert the experience of Wang Yuansun’s ten years。
People who are not very powerful under the hand,This is dare to kill people with the team.,How did he practice this courage??
Everyone is not solely。
Gao Boyi looked at the eyes of love with care,Two people look,I can’t get upright.。
“Take all people back and say!”
Gao Boyi big hand,Great win tonight,have nothing to say,Take a meal tomorrow,Then continue opening。
Early morning,Several clean camp is specially arranged in the camp,Come。
Gao Bo Yi,Then continue“Handsome”inside,“trial”High。
“asshole,You still chased it here.!If you are not you,How can I send me to Gao Bao?!what!You bastard!”
Zhang Hong Niang kicked at the high-end punch。
“stop fighting,Really killed,Your family wants to be accused,He is a prince.。”
Gao Bao Laishi Advise。
Zhang Hong Niang hated the Gao Baoyi,The drums run out。
“Uh,So high prince,Need Minister to send you back??Click one’s tongue,You brought a few hundred slaves this time this time.,I don’t know what I will think about myself.。”
Gao Yan’s seal in the high yang, Baoding Gaoyang County,Yucheng is just a hustle and resident,He took a few hundred people to track the defense of the army in the north, which was affiliated to Gao Changgong.,Why don’t you let the high ocean have been happy?!
Gao Bo Yi asked,Just want to see if there is any background.,Or behind the scenes。
“Hey,Tall brother,Don’t don’t,Send me back to the city,This is not sending me back to the stick.,Do not make!”
Recommendation, \!
High-spirited smile,From his expression,I can’t see hate at all.。
What happened to this brain loop??
Gao Biyi is a little understandable。Is it that the other party is the kind of you cleaned up?,He is the kind of convinced?
“Then what do you want to do??Looking for it, I will tell me.?”Gao Boyi is like a laughing。
“Don’t don’t,Don’t send me the old monster,She will kill me.。Don’t look at her outside.,This old monster is dark.。I am not her biological son.,She does not expect that I am going to die.!”
High-spirited,The expression of the 狰狞 高 逸 逸。
like,seem,This is not what big events don’t do this last night.。