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Nan Ge caught his gaze,Suddenly be angry,Immediately, the chopsticks are thrown from the right hand to the left hand.——
“Leigong does not fight people。”Zhouzhi protest。
“I am like a Buddha。”
“……I thought you were most, you are an electric mother.。”Zhou Zhi or underestimated the brain circuit of Nange。
“……”Zhou hesitated,“Wait, I want to give Jiang Yan to send a message to peace.,I also learned you.,Take the 槐。”
“Big brother,Big Brother gives you hot spot。”
“Need not,I can get to you.。”
This person is not only known to stay.?
Zheng Yuki, eat food,Quietly look at them,Waiting for them to finish,She said:“Waiting for us to make dumplings?”
This has got an agreement with all of the people.。
When the incandescent lamp has become very bright。
Wash a bowl,Several people are in front of the stove,
At this time, sweet potato is cold.,But in the middle or hot,There is a sweet sweet insert when you open it.,The middle is like a sugar。Nan Ge and Zheng Yueda have said that Zhou is burning.,A little fair。
Only just in the 槐 说 周 离 上 天 上。
Zhou only ate half,Left half of the left and fed the rhubarily,He patted his hand.,Press the first to wash your hands。
When he came back, a few people were finished.。
Nan Ge is fine,Only dirty。
Zheng Yuki is not clear,Night light is dark,When the incandescent lamp is behind the black shadow,Normal people are not clear——Zhou Zhi is clear from her white face to see two black grasses,One side。
Her hands also stained,So the five fingers of the next conscious,Will hold your hand in front of you.。
Like a small flower cat?。
Zhou Zhiji smile,Ask:“You usually roast sweet potato at home.,Will you still show your face??”
Zheng Yuki whispers exclaimed,I quickly wipe my face with wrist,Cheeper。
Nano saw her wrist to go to the water basin。
“I am willing to wash you.,First wash your hands first。”
The light puts the back of the two in the wall,Black,See some dishotics in the gap on the wall,A group。This is the natural trace left by the long-term healing.。Let Zharise I think of a child’s family when I am a child.。
Waiting for him to return to God,Nan Ge has wiped the face of Zheng Yuki.,I also helped her patted the gray on the clothes.。
This monster is not too cold.
Chapter 205 Twilight29
Clear and sitting at the most corner of the table,Silently watching a few people busy,The same paw in the hook tap the desktop.,Send almost no soul,The rhythm is like telling his boring.。
On the table, I also shop on a layer of wooden board.。
槐 序 序 称 称 年 年 年 年 年 观 年 年,So on,Self-discourse。
Zheng Yuchi guides him on the side。