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“UNo problem,But when actually building,Found it impossible to make。”

Liu Quan continued,These words were addressed to Qin Hao。
“What to do then?This is related to military background,The investment alone cost hundreds of billions,”Flying Wolf said in a deep voice,Look very ugly。
Although this is not directly related to the Jagged Blade,But when it comes to military background,Can’t help but not pay attention。
“Is there any solution??”Qin Hao said at this time。
In Qin Hao’s heart,Already have a little idea。
If this matter can be solved easily,Then it’s impossible for Liu Quan to be so anxious。
As Qin Hao thought,This matter can’t be resolved in a short time。
“Not a matter of material,But there is a problem with the structure,The problem of construction is difficult to solve,”Although Liu Quan is not an expert in this field,But he still knows something。
“What shall we do?Don’t you care about it??”Flying wolf looked worried。
“Professor Liu Shiqiang suggested to seek John·Professor Tongken’s help,Solve this problem together。”
“John·Tonken?This Professor Liu Shiqiang’s forehead is not caught by the door, right??”
“He ismFamous military expert,If this plan makes John·Tangken participates,Then this plan is directly exposed?”
Leng Feng directly yelled out,All the people present were silent。
mChina has always been very unfriendly to them,Often do things,The special forces with the iron and blood blade sacrificed many people。
So no matter who,formMy senses are not good。
This is why they are mentioningmCountry,The reason for this reaction。
Liu Quan’s face is also a bit ugly,Because the nuclear submarine plan is a top secret plan。