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Xia Jian sighed and said:“Pingdu is just such a piece of fat,I was preempted by you,Then I seem to be unable to make the soup”

“You are too polite,Wang Youcai knows your ability。Talk about it!Where do you want to develop this project,I’m here,Just a phone call,Everything can be done”
Wang Youcai was talking and laughing,The eyes keep floating on Guan Tingna’s body。Who is Guan Tingna?,She feels disgusted when she sees Wang Youcai,So she doesn’t even look at Wang Youcai。
From the first floor to the sixth floor,What did Xia Jian ask?,Wang Youcai will answer anything。What Xia Jian never thought was that Wang Youcai knew a lot,And they are also very professional,It can be seen that he still put a lot of effort in this aspect。
After seeing the whole hospital,It’s getting dark。Wang Youcai said nothing to let Xia Jian go,It’s not easy to get together,Must invite Xia Jian to dinner。Guan Tingna disagrees,She made an excuse to go to Qingshan County with Xia Jian。
Xia Jian understands what Guan Tingna means,I refused Wang Youcai’s kindness on the spot,This makes Wang Youcai feel a bit embarrassed。Because he was a bit too enthusiastic just now,Now it’s like a pot of cold water is poured on a hot soldering iron。
When Xia Jian got in the car yesterday, he found out that he might make Wang Youcai embarrassed.,After all, I have troubled others for so long,Now people kindly invite him to dinner,He also refused。
Xia Jian thought for a moment,Walked over,Reached out and patted Wang Youcai’s shoulder:“Work hard,Strive to open early,Tell me in advance,I will definitely come to join us”
“OK!Your summer can always come,My Wang Youcai’s face is better。Are you going to Qingshan County??Then hurry up”
Wang Youcai laughed and gently pushed Xia Jian。
Xia Jian nodded,Then turned into the car。As soon as he got in the car,Guan Tingna said with a smile:“Let’s go to Cai Li to eat!I lost my appetite after eating big meals these past two days”
Actually Guan Tingna doesn’t say that,Xia Jian also wants to go to Cai Li。The advantage of a small county is,Kick down,The place to go is here soon。
Cai Li saw that Xia Jian was here,Without saying a word, he took them to the courtyard。But it’s early winter,Sitting in the small courtyard is really a bit cold。
But Cai Li went to cook herself,So what they ordered was on the table in a while。Chen Lan came here with Xia Jian for the first time。She was full of praise as soon as she sat down,In fact, everyone who comes here for the first time will feel this way。