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“That’s good,Master despite sharing attack,Haha。”Nine reverse the words turned to the direct tearing void disappeared。

Lin Feng heard the words directly to the depths of the sea.,Carefully collect the simultaneous crystal absorption along the way along the way.,Absorbed time and space crystal is growing,Three months in the past three months。
Lin Feng’s figure is sitting in the depth of the sea,It’s like a statue.,Suddenly there is a weighing,Shrouded ten-party void,This dark sea is in a bright。
The God of the Buddha falls in the depths of the sea。
Just disappeared between this light suddenly,Do not,Not disappeared,This ray gradually becoming weak。
A horrible,Unable to imagine compression is born in Lin Feng’s body,The Star River universe in that body is like collapse.,Crazy shrinkage,All substances begin to shrink。
With the birth of this compression。
A unimaginable suction spread from his spout,There are countless gods have been prepared around the surroundings.,Time and space crystal,These gods,Time and space crystals, such as mountains,Smash。
Turning into a piece of torrent enters his body,The breath of his body began to rise violent,His flesh and blood start burning,boiling,His ginsen began to violently skyrocket。
The starry sky in Dantian has completely collapsed,Crazy shrinkage,This shrinkage speed is even for half a step.。
Tim a white bead。
This white beads crazy absorbed ten parties,It’s like a universe celestial body.,absorb,compression。
Three start。
Turning a white airflow,This white airflow is injected into the gods and flesh and blood.,Boiling flesh and blood and metals are to grow up again。
I don’t know if I have calm down。
Just at this time, a shocking snoring sounded,A huge whale beast crazy,This day whale beast power is terror,Direct opening big mouth,Into Lin Feng。
Chapter 1,473 White star
NS1473Chapter white star
Just between the whale beasts to swallow Lin Feng’s moment,There is a flash of light between the whale beast.。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update
The fierce snoring sounds,The back of the whale beast suddenly gradually crackdown,The god of the gods rushed out,Along with a bloody,The whale beast is almost crazy。
Revolt the sea,This sea area broke out of the sky,Seabed hill cracked,This day whale beast is crazy,Angry roaring,This is awakened by Lin Fengjin.。
Going out directly to swallow Lin Feng and,Ready to use his terrible digestion and swallow Lin Feng。
If you are welcome,Even the opponents to be swallowed,He can also sleep,Digestion。
But in the heart of Lin Feng,His gods actually suffered inexplicable attacks,This kind of attack makes his Yuan god pain。
He wants to spit out,But I can’t spit it out.,That terrible digestion is fundamental, why not stay Lin Feng。
It’s like thundering.,This day, the whale beast is constantly exploring the power of terror.,Impact him,His monarch is finally hit,Bloody blood is filled。