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Obviously Herring Tie is also suspected,Is it really trick before Ma Guangzuo?,That’s actually not included——If you calm down, think about it.,马光佐 智商,It is difficult to make“Undercover”Talent!

Just have a delay before,Herring Tie Tree does not want to stay him,And now I now leave,He later tied to the emperor,Put the pot on the horse,One pushed four or five six。
“That……Please eat meat first first,I will hit you again.!”Ma Guangzuo said,Also big steps。
“Stupid brother,You and don’t walk?”Chu Deirers ask Yue Lao three asked。
“Don’t go、Don’t go!”Yue Lao San Wai Wen,Direct to twist。
“good,The crocodile is being cheated。”Herring Tree has retained a sentence,I don’t want to lose too much.。
See Yue Lao San did not come over,Chu Deirers are not reluctant……
Everyone left Tianning Temple.,Wu Changfeng took the lead to break the embarrassing atmosphere,Take the initiative to say Qiao Feng:“Qiao Gang!Before we confused,I Wu Changfeng now only to take you.,I hope you are not thinking about it.,Go back and continue to be our help!”
Shi Shiji seeing Kang Min at this time,Also behave normally,First attachment:“good!This time is it a Joe Gang?,Our gang is finished.!”
“what!I can’t finish it.,The most is that you are finished.!However, if Qiao Gang, if it is willing to take over the position of the Lord,This gang,I am still respecting.!”Lu Yong was taken out before being“Capture”Go back to the host order。
So a few people shouted,Suddenly there are many gangsters to help the disciples.,Just the highest level of Xu Chang Lao、There is also a person who Chen Yougu’s great scalp.,And Chen Shanli still has some rudder、主 等,Are silence。
Obviously do not agree!
Even some low bag disciples,I have quarrel——How can a female really do our help??You are these traitors!
Just like Xu Chong, this kind of person,After all, I just saved my life.,It is not good to speak directly.,but……I want to know,They will never cooperate。
Chu Deiren asked specially:“Big brother,Before you believe in a person?These two hundred people,There is no dedication to send people to stare.?”
“This matter……Naturally, some people are staring。”Qiao Feng is now on the gang,Never want to be more。
The Jiang Rudder of the Diffusion Horse:“good!Originally, I sent my brothers stared.……Xu Chang Lao!Pass your previous secret,What exactly is it?take it out,Mo let the brothers!”Tone is complaining。
Originally this Jiang rudder,It is to tend to be Qiaofeng,And he is very skeptical now,Urgent secretary,It is about a dining hall.。
Just before Xu Chongzhen arrived,I am eager to cut all the help of Qiaofeng.,Get secretly directly……
“This……”Xu Chongzhen,Some hesitated removal of wax pills,Lu Yongfa on the side has taken the past。
Nanhuan,Still not dare to do this,However, Lu Youshe is no ban.——seniority in the family?Non-north gang helps so long,Earlier is early。
Stepping of the wax pill,Lu Yongshe saw it,Angered:“The brothers executed below are due diligence,pity、pity!”The words will be trusted to Wu Changfeng.。
Sure enough,It is about a letter of appearance.,If you see it before,The gang is not from being“Huge”。
Qiao Feng also horing Xu Chang Lao,But seeing a lot of people, I want to oppose it.、It’s not easy to say.,After all, it is still a punch.:“Thank you brothers to lift your love.,But the help,Still also please Gao Ming!”
Yan Joe is turned directly to leave,Chu Deirers and Duan Yu naturally also say that there is nothing to say to the people.。
“Silly,What do you and the smelled flower??Does eating bombes??”Chu Dee greedd a horse。
The gang people are also used to the Chu Deirers.“mouth”them,It seems that only when you just squeeze them with the Herring Tree.,Call them“丐 帮 hero”,Other times“Smell”……
However, the Chu Deiren has just saved them.,It is inevitable at this time.,Sorry。
Qiao Feng saw this horse’s surname,It’s also laughing.,Life and death before all,Instead, I patted him more than my own thick shoulders.:“Where is this brother??How can I get the house in the past??”
Before Ma Guangzuo in Qiaofeng poisoned,There is no performance of the crisis,Let Qiao Feng impressed him a lot,although……Finally, I lost to the roast whole cow.,But after all, you can see,Ma Guangzi is not bad。
Or……White paper!
“They didn’t lie to me!Do dinner,Also introduce me for the girl?!”Ma Guangzuo is reversed。
“Hahaha,Girl is not,But the brothers want to drink,Can be with us。”Qiao Feng smiled。
Retoring Retor is now there is no sincerism.,exactly,Hui is not formed yet,nor“Returning”Statement,Now the east is generally called“Hexi”、The Midwest is“Western region”category,Ma Guangzuo is Hexi,Don’t avoid wine。
“If there is a meat,Can with you to drink……”Ma Guangzuo is obviously interested in meat。
Chapter 99 Tonic
“Snoring……drink……kindness?”Chu Deiren woke up from the hangover,Looking at the antique room,Half rang finally recovered the idea。
Although it has been crossing a year,But the Chu Deiren has become a good job,I rarely slept so dead.,Wake up and have some headaches。
I also drink too much last night.……