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“aunt,What do you say??”

“I didn’t say anything.,It is the money to make money to build Lianhua Village.,If there is extra money,For many years, I will send benefits in the village.,Every money,Every account will be announced on the inner board of our village committee.,this matter,The village passed。”
Li Hui looks like the opponent’s eyebrows.,Also know,This is Xu Laifu to buy people.。
However, he did not give the demolition.,After all, this is also a good thing.。
“aunt,This is good.,If I am at home, I also voted.,aunt,You are busy first,I’m going back。”
Li Xiang said casually.,Walk towards the courtyard。
Come to the courtyard,He discovered,Actually, it has already been covered.。
How long does he believe it?,The result he wants to arrange should be achieved.。
Especially he is still a stone,I only need a piece of easy eye.。
By the time,Lianhua Village is definitely Feng Shui Bao。
The gate of the courtyard is open.,This makes him also hinder。
Because the courtyard has a key in addition to him,The rest is your parents and Han Shanshan.。
really,Entered the door,He saw Han Shanshan lying on the lounge chair.。
Xiaobai saw Li Hui,It is also immediately flying to his arms.。
This scene is that Li Hui felt a funny laugh.。
“Go! Go! Go,You are a color fox,I don’t follow the fox.,Be infected。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Xiaobai’s mouth actually exposes the firewood average smile。
That looks, Li Hui Hui is also a glimpse.,He didn’t think that Xiaobai now actually has such a humanized smile.,Even if he has a feeling that is really a feeling.。
Han Shanshan heard Li Hui’s words,It is also quick to get up。
After all, I just play with Xiaobai.,Her clothes are also getting a little.。
Seeing Li Hui’s moment,She even wants to fly like her little white.。
But after all, she still endures.。
Although she usually looks great,But the truly men and women,She is better than anyone else。
“Little plum,You will not tell me this back.,I will pick you up.,Everything is finished.?”
“Hey-hey,All over,It is a few days.,Beautiful squad leader is beautiful。”
I heard the words of Li Hui,Han Shanshan is also a happy。
But on your mouth:“cut,Oily tongue,No one is working,I doubt that you are the previous Li Hui。”
“Hey-hey,Are you not knowing??
And I didn’t dare to say something before.,Dare now,Then I became a tongue in the tongue to you.。”
This defense of Li Hui Feng also let Han Shanshan speechless。
“Little plum,I first said that someone can say such confidence in this way.,Let others still pick up the problem,You are getting more and more, you will say it now.!”
“Hey-hey,This is not all of the big squad leading education.,Moreover,I just said the truth.,The big squad leader is beautiful.,It’s beautiful to make people”Speaking of which,Li Hui quickly stopped his mouth。
I am afraid what I have said.,Then let Han Shanshan have some other thought。
“What is it??
Say it!”
I heard Li Hui Rong said half of the words.,Han Shanshan is also an urgency。
“Hey-hey,I can’t let people like it.。”
This exit,Han Shanshan’s pretty face is also a red horse.。