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Let your wife on the floor on the spot.,Bring your son down,Business can’t take care of it.。

Chen Linzhi let him don’t worry,Find a paper stroke written down the joint trading company address and contact information,Say it is waiting for a few days to arrange time interviews。
Company staff architecture needs to be adjusted,The order of the lyrocket is also waiting for processing,Temporary can’t take this little thing。
When the boss is famous,It is inevitable that someone seeks to the head,Chen Linzhi really likes to take the back door,But there is no way to completely ban,In this kind of job, no matter whether Chinese or white people are,Roger also took two relatives who came out.,Finally, I went to the sales department.。
This is reminded Chen Linzhi.,It’s time to go to the company., For example, the procurement director Xu Wei mentioned three hundred sixty-one liters of capacity refrigerator,Or is itoBrand expansion progress, etc.,His big boss is unclear。
And private equity fund companies,Business suspension,A group of people,Chen Linzhi intends to turn some money,Try to explore investment futures,Not just relying on memory。
Leave from Chinatown,It’s hard to catch the company.,I saw the company closing to remember that today is Saturday.。
Chen Linzhi sagged back home,I finally thought I was tired.,Can’t let go of your own salty fish anymore。
Zhao Bai Lu, about Chen Linzhi,At that time he was vacation in New York。
University in winter vacation,There are still more than half months,The last time I met is Chen Linzhi moving at the time.,It has passed a few months.。
Sunday this morning,Chen Linzhi and friends bought some ingredients,Plan to go to Yosemite National Park,He took a fishing gear,Newman and others prepare the barbecue and charcoal。
Temporary calling Zhao Bai Lu,I know that she can play,Chen Linzhi went to take her before the start。
Zhao Bai Lu is still an old,After college, I learned to dress up.,Wearing clothes styles began to become mature,Wipe the mouth on your mouth,Light makeup is suitable for her age。
Touching Newman, who is running over,Then pass east through California Fertile Saint-Huaden Valley,After entering the inner Wada mountain,Road rugged。
Temporary resting in mining townships with more than 100 years of history,Then continue departure,Roadside views have become rich,Green tree alpine,River clear。
Watch the car on the side of the road,Zhao Bai Lu has been taking pictures,She is wearing warm white mountaineering suit,Tell:“I came last time or I was in elementary school.,I regretted the camera at the time.,It’s almost ten years.,Yosemite Park is still so beautiful,Today, the weather is really good.。
I remember that there is an oldest plant in the world.,The name seems to be called Olemiti,I can think about life in front of it.,A tree can live for thousands of years,It started growing from the BC.,And people’s life is too small。”
Chen Linzhi is a common person,Not so much touch,I only feel that the beautiful mother is beautiful.。
Laugh and ask Zhao Bai Lu:“College,How seems to start more feeling,Tree is tree,If you let me stand on a local station,It’s better to walk everywhere,But only 10 years。Into a university,How is your life?,Is it studying philosophy、Literary?”
“Yes,Philosophy can help me learn to think,I can only say that college life is okay.,I have a little confused recently.。”
Chen Linzhi only feels that she is a mediocrity。
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I found a station-free windshield,Outlook stage。
I can only see a big round ball in the distance.,Don’t say the guests on the stage.,Even the stage itself can’t see,It’s all the head of going to the dark.,Sound noisy,The driver of the road angry is still crazy.。
I know today’s road blockage,Also choose from this,Do not blame the road,Can only say that the driver is stupid,No who is willing to let the road。
Chen Linzhi’s leisure time,Don’t forget to take a quantity of girls with strict girls,In fact, he just talks with the Global Music Company.,Probability enters the guest background,Meet those who are soon to meet with those singers,But he thinks there is nothing necessary,Take more。
When you can’t get some circle,Ergently want to squeeze,After the strength is really enough,In fact, it’s just。
If Chen Linzhi is not successful,It is likely to choose to sing、Use script to earn money,But he has now found a more suitable fortune road.,Naturally, it will treat it as a hobby.,Even if you know that the concert can make money,Still not promised the broker’s invitation。
Not see the stage,Anna Atas is also very happy。
If you just want to listen to songs,It is better to watch TV in the hotel room.,It is mainly to feel the atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve.。