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Just one hit,The body of blue dyeing flying as if cutting the entire empty bed into two halves.!

A foot kicking blue-stained night,There is no chance to give each other wheezing,A flashed again disappeared in the same place。
When his figure appears again,Already appeared above blue dyeing,Two dragon claws in hands,British head,Hand hammer to the ground。
A large sound of a sudden sound,Along the ground, a dramatic shake,There is a huge crater in front of the night.。
As for a blue dyed figure,I don’t know how many meters deep is lying.。
A hammer,Night hands up,A huge qigong wave gathered in your hand,Then the next night, the huge qigong wave,Sprinted into the deep pit in front of。
Instantaneous moment of rushing into the ground in Qigong,The whole empty seat is beginning to sway vigorously,This move is bigger than before.。
The whole empty seat is like a natural disaster,The ground is like an earthquake general crack,Focus on the cracks in the ground,A burst of red light。
Night place standing place,Because it is in the top position,The whole ground is blessed because of the impact of power,It’s like a volcanic eruption.!
And this set of combo,Almost all are completed between electricity stone fires,Many people have even slowed over the changes arising from the night.,The entire landform has changed!
The night is full of surprises to the night side,Reached your hand and touched the dragon scales on his body,Curious night is the same as she,Master similar“Instant”Same skill。
“Your current spirit is so strong,Slightly a bit,This emotici-cho is just a spatial model,Battle status like you,It is easy to collapse!
But eat the attack just like,The power of blue dye should be greatly weakened,I have been seriously injured.。”
Honest,Night can do this,Already far beyond the night and one-to-Pu Zahai help。
Originally their plan,Just want to make the night’s main force。
But now the night is suddenly explosive.,Look at this situation,Affected by the attack,Blue dyeing is not dead,Estimated is also half-disabled。
Pudao helps even feel,If you don’t need to be a protector?,With the strength of the night,Enough to consume blue dyeing to launch your own。
Previously, Pudao helped the hole to flush the body.“Straight thunder”,It has already entered the blue dye together with your own style.。
The role is the collapse of sealing blue dyeing.。certainly,The conditions launched are also extremely harsh,Need to consume blue staining pond to a certain threshold。
have“Collapse”Blue dye,Basically, there is no possibility of being killed,This beat is a learning“Last Moon”Returned a guard。
So to deal with him,Can only take it first“seal”,Then take out the collapse of the jade。
Contrast to loose night, etc.,Night, keep a serious expression,He does not think that just attack,It is enough to keep blue staining。
Next moment,Originally standing in the country,What seems to be aware of,In the case of the night, there is no reaction in the night.,Picking up and dealing is the mad run。
Almost at the same time,Night, just left the place where he stood,Where they just stand,Just shoot a purple light column,Instantly put the ground to the hole。
Those purple beams,In fact, it is a virtual flash,And the power is extremely strong,When the hole is wearing the ground,Sweeping the architecture around,Instantly put all things into ashes。
And this time blue dressing figure,Also slow boost,Appear in front of night。
According to the night,Blue dye“Collapse”Later,There are four evolution gestures。
The first gesture is initial fusion of collapse jade,Collapse is located in the abdomen,Depend on“Collapse”the power of,Get the power of death deficiency。
The second gesture is a parcel being wrapped in a layer of white push,Even the face is completely covered,Only two eyes left,It’s like evolutionary 蛹。