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“5.01Wanjinshi。”6The sound of Hitra is coming in the box.:“Thank you for your gambling god.。”

“you are welcome,Originally, this kind of devil knife is what I have to get.,Unfortunately, my body is limited.,Can only give up。”Lin Feng faint。
“it is good!”Hitra tanguar is cold,Nothing。
Zhang Shaoze looked at the whole group,He took the golden hammer and hit ancient bells.,Suddenly ancient bell sounded,The entire group of Xian Temples are in silence,Zhang Shaozong:“it is good,Now6Bid price5.01Wanjinshi,There is no bidding buyer?”
“Zhang Shao,Is this asked??Already this peak price。”Outlet of the No. 1 box。
“good,Already a peak,Don’t delay time。”There is also a sound in the second box.。
“it is good,Now I announce the magic knife5.01Wanjin。”Zhang Shaoze Wen Yan Lang。
He hopped around,But no one responds。
“5.01Two times!”
There are still no people to respond,Then Zhang Shazhu Lane:“5.01Three times,it is good,This handle of the devil belongs to6Box,Congratulations on the Sixth。”
“Flaw!”Suddenly applaud sound,Vingers and mountains,Especially the killer of hell,These killers are usually laughing.,But at this moment, each eyebrow is laughing.,Death Obache Tiger takes the lead。
Then Zhang Shaoze respectfully took the magic soul knife to the six box.,The Hitra face in the six box is very uncomfortable.,He barely reveals a smile to pick up the devil’s knife.,Then directly transfer it to Zhang Shaoze。
Zhang Shazawa smiled and left.。
72Inside the box。
“Congratulations。”Xu Fengli laughs。
“A little accidentally falling into the hands of the dark church。”Lin Feng Road:“This is not calculated.。”
“Hey-hey,Who can calculate all this??”Xu Fengli laughs:“However, this price is already high enough.。”
“Yes,High enough。”Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“All right,You come to bid.,In addition to the blood of Phoenix must get,Also have a tag,Tan medicine hit the realm of the sky。”
“it is good!”Xu Fengli heard the title:“Do not worry。”
“Um!”Lin Feng heard a little bit,Xu Fengli’s operation in this area and the grasp of the heart is much stronger than yourself.,It’s better to operate again.。
Just when Lin Feng was falling.,Zhang Shaze on the Golden Tower sounded the voice:“Allocate,The magic karn is the opening gun of this auction.,This cannon is very loud,Thank you for your support.,it is good,Now conduct a second auction,Nine 魔 魔,Nine drugs in the realm of the sky,Base price3000Kingshi,Each price increase is not100Kingshi,Start!”
“10000Kingshi!”Just when Zhang Shaoze fell,72Lin Feng’s voice sounded in the box。
If you say the big forces of the scene, who is most needed to treat the magic beads and impact the Tan medicine in the world.,That is the number of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.,This20The price of the medicinal medicine is also10000Whisker,Even more beyond, it is difficult to go beyond。
“11000Kingshi!”There is a cold voice in the first box.,The man in this box is a dragon。
“15000Kingshi!”There is a playful voice in the second box.:“Forest president,Couldn’t help but。”The owner of this sound is Bubei Dragon。
“15000Gold Sin is too small.,20000Kingshi。”The sound of the gold wagon sounds,Here9Among the box,His voice with endless grievances。
“Oh,Since you want to give you。”72Among the box,Sound like Xu Fengli。
Suddenly9The golden wheel inside the box is stupid.,He actually thinks too high, let Lin Feng spend money on this side.,But now Lin Feng suddenly stopped.,This makes the golden wheel back.,The demand for sticks to these two medicinal medicines is not particularly strong.。
Not only is gold round,Belle Dragon and Dragon creation also have such minds,Let Lin Fenghua money。
Do not cost10000Gold Si purchase,What’s more20000Kingshi。
“Ha ha.!”
“Move your own feet。”
“Spend more10000Kingshi’s money。”
“day,How to cultivate so many sticks。”
Many people crazy laughter,33Rice high altitude Jinshan Emperor and busy,Enthusiastic,Several other leaders have smiled,It seems to be ridiculous。
The ancient bell rang again,The scene is quiet,Zhang Shaozan laughed and said:“Allocate,There is no higher price?”