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The ground of the big snake pill is now broken.,A figure quickly rushed out,A punch is dried to the face of the big snake.。

“what!”Big snake pills can’t believe,He is actually sneak attack。
Even the dark part of being isolated is also stunned.。
But the figure does not give him a chance,Blade,Take the head of the big snake pill。
There is also Chuckra on the top of the knife.,Bring a blue blue。
The big snake pill is quickly avoided,But it is still scored by the knife.。
“Actually you!Ghost,You are angered me.”Big snake pills rushed out a lot of poisonous snake,I took the figure in the moment.。
And the three generations of hands were here.。
Smoke blown,That champion disappeared,A flute fell to the ground。
Big Snake Wolf Sword Hands,Gently touch the blood on the face。
“hehe,Score,Hahaha,My surgery is actually destroyed by a little ghost.,It’s ridiculous.”Big snake pill low,Cold Chakra continuously around him。
It can be imagined that he has more angry。
The three generations looked at the flutes on the ground were also silent.,I didn’t expect him to be here.。
“Since failure,Then let us use a real thing.,I still want to give you a surprise.,Look at my results”The sound of the big snake pill is very low。
It seems that he is really anger by Spring.。
And Huizi is hidden in a place in a place.,But I will recover now.。
“I only have so much.,If you let the big snake pills,I can’t do it too.”
This is the time when Quan is practicing.,Be prepared。
Room below is a thick wooden board,Spring is almost the same position to dig out a space with the water.。
Then, when he went to prepare the show in advance, he went in.。
In order to maintain the shadow,Spring is divided into most Chakra。
Ok, as long as there is food,Springs can quickly recover through water breathing。
The shadow is still reduced by breathing.,Reduce Chakra fluctuations,The last moment and even decisive end of breathing。
Big snake pill is also due to the reasons of the comics,No careful feelings。
Squirting is not found。
Even if it is found, it is just the same as the original plot.,That can only count the three generations of unlucky。
Fortunately, there is no time to appear.,The original drama is just a matter of remember。
So I can only use the ambiguity to judge the time that the big snake pill is used.。
Chapter 35 Cheap
After the memory of the completion of the completion,Waiting quietly。
The Huizi next to it is very confused.,Spring, seems to know what,Otherwise, he will not wait here.。