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Zhang Xinhe was angry,“Don’t follow me today,I want you to look good tomorrow!”

He finished,Leave angrily。
I didn’t get up to see you off。
because,I have torn my face with him,Send or not,It doesn’t matter anymore。
Pick up the cigarette on the table,I sucked two in a row。
At the moment in my heart,Quite sad。
Worked in this company for several years,From today’s situation,I’m afraid I won’t go out soon。
All the efforts and efforts made,About to pay。
the phone is ringing。
I took out my phone and took a look,It turned out to be Zhou Rui calling。
“Problems?”I asked unhappyly。
Zhou Rui accompanied over there and said carefully,“After I took a shower last night,Dry the hair again,Apply mask,It’s already late,So I didn’t call you,Did you see my text message?”
“No。”I said coldly。
Her reasons are really sufficient,Hair blowing,Plus a mask,This set of actions,How do i count,It won’t take half an hour。
Such far-fetched words,I really don’t want to expose her。