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I hold my shoulders,“I invite you to dinner。”

I’m a little hungry。
“you asked me?”Yao Yun blinked,Then raised his wrist and looked at the watch,“What to eat?”
“Just follow me。”I stand up,“You said,To make me happy。”
Finished,I left without looking back。
Yao Yun immediately followed,“brother,I don’t have much time,before noon,I must go back to the company。”
She walks fast,Knock on the floor as a sound,It’s like the drums when the Peking Opera is about to open。
After getting in the car,Follow my command,Yao Yun parked his car in front of a noodle restaurant。
She looked at this facade suspiciously,Looked at the five-star hotel opposite。
“Do not misunderstand。”I said calmly,“Let’s eat noodles,five star hotel,I can’t afford it。”
“I can’t afford it。”Yao Yun said with a smile,Get off the car。
After the two of us sit down,I asked the boss for two bowls of noodles,Then he said to Yao Yun,“So humble。”
“Not humble。”Yao Yun tapped the desktop with one finger,Then I looked around this small restaurant,“My salary,I can’t afford a five-star hotel。”
I know,What she said,It just saves me face。
Ordered two side dishes,I ordered two more bowls of noodles。