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The person Qian Qianqin likes,There is only Lei Tianzi in this world,And he is the son of thunder,Change to the thunder son a thousand years ago,Two people won’t come together,Not only because of the low cultivation level of the Emperor Lei a thousand years ago,And he won’t coax women,Won’t pet any woman,Lei Tianzi’s career is successful now,Have experienced too many joys and sorrows,Know the importance of family,Start fighting for the family business,Will no longer slaughter the world’s living creatures in battle,He has more political wisdom。

This is the process of Lei Tianzi’s mentality transformation,Just at this moment,He met Qian Qianqin and went together,As a great philosopher said:“A right love,I met the right person at the right time and the right place。”
This is how the relationship between Lei Tianzi and Qian Qianqin happened,It can’t be broken up with Fan Kai’s deceptive words and some vows that violate his conscience.。
The love between Lei Tianzi and Qian Qianqin has experienced the test of time and life and death,Two people are ready for the idea of being together for a lifetime。
Lei Tianzi watched,Suddenly I found a jade slip that taught how to make alchemy,According to his judgment,It should belong to the secret method that is rarely passed down to the world。
Only one of this jade slip is exposed for customers to read,The first sentence of the opening is:“Shocking Weeping,Dan History……”
The following words are all about the specific methods and prescriptions of how to refine the elixir and the elixir,Lei Tianzi can also refine some commonly used elixir,The elixir belongs to the medicine used by the real immortal and the strong in the immortal realm,Xianxia Dan was taken by the strong king,Emperor Lei never knew how to refine。
If the information in this jade slip is true,After training, Lei Tianzi’s skills will be improved.,I’m afraid the information in this jade slip is fake,What kind of monks。
Think it’s impossible,Because this kind of jade slip information can be copied,The shopkeeper sold one copy,Can be copied and sold,If it is false information,The cultivators here are not fools,It’s impossible for this kind of thing to exist,Someone wants to ask:“Since high-level secrets are so easy to obtain,Isn’t there a lot of alchemy masters everywhere??”
Can’t say that,Real alchemists are still rare,Because the alchemist has two things indispensable,One is alchemy materials,One is alchemy skills,It’s not who got the pill and a book,Can be refined into a god pill、Elixir,Mastering a skill requires a person’s understanding、Devout heart、Gradual persistence, etc.,Any kind of skill is harder to master than exercise。
Lei Tianzi has not left the alchemy skills,One is because he likes to study this skill,The other one is,Many places he walked,Trading is also relying on the sales of linguistic pills to get more benefits,Relatively speaking,“Man”This hobby is far less intense than the pleasure that alchemy brings to Lei Tianzi。
He immediately pointed at that《Shocking》Yu Jian said:“Shopkeeper,Get me this book。”
The shopkeeper is an old man with gray hair,I didn’t do it immediately after hearing the words,But the old god said here:“Young man,Can you read it?”
“I’m the boy’s father, OK??”Lei Tianzi murmured,Said:“Old man,What you sell depends on the scarcity of the goods,I don’t have,I’ll give you money,Why don’t you sell it to me?”
The shopkeeper is not angry,Said with a smile:“I’m for your good,Many people bought this book,But slandered my business afterwards,Say I sell fakes,Just because he can’t understand,I don’t want you to spread my bad words around after spending the money。”
“I won’t do that,As long as this jade slip is not completely blank,Is worth the price I paid。”
The shopkeeper nodded slightly,It seems to be a recognition of Lei Tianzi’s words,Said:“Ten trillion cents。”
Bitter smile,Tianzi Lei suddenly felt that the price was a bit high,It was originally something that can be copied infinitely,One piece sold for ten trillion crystals,It can be called a lion’s big mouth,Even if it’s Kai Chang Yuan Ling Guo,It takes a million years to mature,I can only sell one trillion fairy crystals,That grows naturally,Eat one and one less,Not copyable。
But as long as this《Shocking》The content in the jade slip is true,Ten trillion fairy crystals are not very expensive,You get what you pay for,The real high-level elixirs are priceless,Can’t be measured by Xianjing。