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In fact, they are not so proud,It’s the blackened baguette that I sent over looks disgusting,The thick red cabbage soup is no one will raise the desire of the mouth,So everyone would rather choose to die hungry。

“I dreamed of being ordinary last night,He said we can meet in history,Although I don’t know where he was exiled,But i want,If i die,Maybe you can meet him。”
Li Lan said,Draw hair together,The breeze brushed her cheeks,Blow a trace of hair,The charm still exists,“Dawn watching the sky watching the clouds at dusk,Xing Ye Si Jun,Sit and think about you,Unforgettable。”
“I dreamt too,”Zhang Xiaoming gave a wry smile,“Old brother, old brother,Knowing from the first day of university,Till now,Go around,Experience countless storms,I still came to you。”
Li Suifeng smiled bitterly and sighed,“Maybe this is fate。”
Three people stand in a row,Facing the firing squad,Without fear,With a smile on his face。
“Raise a gun!”
The commander of the firing squad gave an order,Fifteen team members raised their plasma rifles,Finger on the trigger,Ready to deduct。
Three people laugh at gunpoint,Just wait to die。
But the opposing commander never ordered the shooting,Just let the players hold their guns,after awhile,He directly ordered to accept the team,Evacuate with the firing squad,Only three lonely people left messy in the wind。
It’s uncomfortable to walk around in front of the god of death,Especially when the muzzle is facing you,Since there is a chance,Naturally, hold it firmly,Three people are in shock,Ran all the way when the firing squad turned around,Ran even faster than the firing squad,Escaped from Charles de Gaulle Airport。Douzi Bookstore
Despite getting a chance,But the three of them were at a loss。
Look around,But don’t know where to go,Gaul has long become a rainbow country,French whites become a minority,Blacks and indescribable teachings blossom everywhere,Pervasive deep into this country,Law and order completely deteriorated,Gang gangsters everywhere,Rush is happening everywhere,Fell into anarchy。
Don’t stay here for long,It is impossible to return home,That is Liu Yuan’s lair,They just escaped from there,Li Lan took a deep breath,Look up to the south,“Let’s go to Itavia。”