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Although it has been hit hard,Li Donglai still hasn’t forgotten his responsibilities,Looking back at my boss,“boss,We were calculated,Now a living target。”

Liu Yuan’s face is ashen,Looking at the shattered windshield and the black smoky engine,Finally woke up,I am calculating others,Others are calculating themselves,If you can let the heads of the five nations die with him, Seine,That’s the real siskin in the back。
Although there is no evidence to see which families were responsible,But obviously the other party is thoughtful enough,Even the massacre of the city of Seine by MSF,It must be the opponent’s pawn。
Figure out this section,Liu Yuan relaxed instead,He sneered,The voice is gloomy like Ye Xiao,“East,You said,We are completely trapped in the car now,The opponent’s bullet can completely shred the car’s defense,Why the other party still doesn’t start?”
Li Donglai was taken aback,“maybe……Want to play a game of cat and mouse。”
Liu Yuan directly lowered the window,There is a strong murderous in the air,He didn’t care,“I put too much pressure on these white people,They surrender on the surface,I actually hate to death in my heart,Don’t kill us right now,I just want to vent my sorrow,Satisfying my perverted vengeance。”
Su Yu saw her husband so heroic,My dissatisfaction with Liu Yuan disappeared,Reach out to hold his hand,“They might be waiting for us to kneel and beg for mercy。”
Liu Yuan sits back,Suddenly be humane in the car,“Sit firmly,Support!”
Li Donglai and Su Yu were taken aback,I saw Liu Yuanfu lowered,Reach under his seat,Hold a lever,Pull hard。
Not just in the car,The cardinals hiding in the surrounding tall buildings were also dumbfounded by the scene.,The car with the engine already broken,Two bursts of flames from my butt suddenly,The huge driving force pushes the car that has lost its power to the first floor lobby of the front building at high speed。
The booster rocket installed under the car gave Liu Yuan and the three the most valuable distance of tens of meters,The surging thrust that can push the transport aircraft to take off and land for short distances will send the car to the lobby on the first floor,Falling heavily to the cement side wall of the flower platform in front of the building,After severe vibration,Li Donglai in the front row was stunned,Liu Yuan kicked the car door,Throw off the coat,To Su Yu Road,“Stay here and don’t move,It’s time for me to perform the real technique。”
The ambushers reacted quickly,Su Yu can even hear the shouts of ordering tactical arrangements,But Liu Yuan has already attacked。