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“You don’t need to explain to me,Not to apologize to me。”Shimeng picked up chopsticks,“Anyway, you just need to be yourself。”

We had a dull meal。
In the afternoon, the extermination master called me to her office,Then said to me,Tianlong Dafei’s contract is about to expire,Let me go over and stand,Fight for them to continue to renew。
This was originally a trivial matter,I don’t understand why I have to go there myself。
and,Tianlong Dafei does not have much cooperation with us,The share is also very small。
Deal with this kind of thing in the past,Usually make a call first,Then send an email。
“You let Shimeng go with you too。”Zhou Mengyao said,“With her by your side,You seem to be more stylish,It also seems that our company attaches great importance to。”
I nodded and agreed。
Isn’t this nonsense?。
Do you care if there are more people??
If she, the supervisor, personally,Does it seem that the company pays more attention to?
I knocked on Shimeng’s table,Then tell her,Let her go out with me。
After going downstairs,Poetry dream driving。