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Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Six Upper bound messenger

After being selected by the messenger of the upper realm,Lei Tianzi and others become immortals among mortals“seed”,I will definitely advance after going to the upper realm,And easily get social status and honor,The families and sects of the mortal world invite Lei Tianzi to drink every day、to chat with。
this day,Gu Chenxing’s Yan Family Hosts Lei Tianzi,The reason is to celebrate the Almond Blossom Festival,The star field is very vast,Even the human race has various festivals,Even Lei Tianzi can’t figure out which day the apricot blossom festival is.,What’s the purpose of the banquet anyway,Everyone knows。
Lei Tianzi with his daughter Tai Piao and his son and daughter Sun Kangfu、Sun Kangxi took the teleportation array to Gu Chenxing,The teleportation array in the Three Realms is divided into two forms: civil and official,The private teleportation array is of a commercial nature,need pay,The official teleportation array is usually used by the city lord or the messenger of the upper realm。
Yan family can occupy a planet,Naturally has a strong official background,Directly took Lei Tianzi to the place of prosperity of the Yan family,This is a huge basin surrounded by mountains,Enough to accommodate millions of people,There are countless cultivators who come and go,Compared with the barren Plowing Star, there is another prosperous scene。
Yan Zhiguan, the owner of the Yan family, is also a fascinating powerhouse,He has a family and business in Guchenxing,Powerful,There are more than 2 billion people under the rule,Unwilling to leave Gu Chenxing to go to the upper realm for development。
Most people in the world are not very aggressive,Most immortal cultivators only need to cultivate to the infant stage,A life span of five thousand years is enough,Then indulge in sensuality,After getting the money, go to places like Cuihualou to spend。
Although Yan Zhiguan is a very responsible cultivator,Is also an elder from a big family,But he does not have the enterprising spirit of Lei Tianzi,Looks white and fat with a big face,All smiles,He arched his hands and said:“Lord Lei(Come to the Three Realms,Emperor Lei did not disclose his identity as the emperor,Let the strong know,The emperor is more hateful),welcome,This is the little girl Yan Zhi。”
Lei Tianzi glanced at the female fairy standing beside Yan Zhiguan,Look at your face, you’re around 17 or 18,It turned out to be the realm of a powerful man,Comparable with Lei Tianzi’s cultivation base,And he was so beautiful,There is a breath of wisdom in the eyes。
“Yan fairy hello!”Tianzi Lei, who has read countless people, thinks this Yanzhi has connotation,Hurriedly said,I forgot to pay the host Yan Zhiguan back。
Yan Zhiguan squinted his eyes,He could see the momentary absence of Lei Tianzi,Did not show dissatisfaction,Invite Lei Tianzi to enter the hall and talk。
Although Yan Zhi is pretty,,Beauty,Is over 300 years old,I wandered on the rivers and lakes in the early years,Rich experience,Said to Lei Tianzi:“You must never promise my dad。”
“What condition?”Lei Tianzi asked wonderingly。
“No matter what the conditions,Don’t promise him。”Yan Zhi said impatiently。
Lei Tianzi smiled,As soon as he changed hands, he handed the virtual space of the ten superb artifact suits to Yan Zhiguan,Said:“This is a little heart,Please accept Patriarch Yan。”
“But disrespectful,But disrespectful!”Yan Zhiguan is very happy,Hurriedly put away the Xuna Space。
Yan Zhi saw this scene,Very unhappy,Threatening Emperor Lei again viciously:“Why are you so diligent?Badass。”