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Yang Pingfan nodded,“Except for this reason,I can’t think of a more reasonable explanation。Ha ha,It seems that this golden plate,Really interesting,It’s worth getting some people to get it,Not hesitate to eradicate all competitors。”

Of course Yang Pingfan won’t know,This golden plate is not just interesting。
Li Lan asked,“What should I do next?And Lao Guo,Isn’t he going to have an accident?,I……I am very sad。”
I heard Li Lan’s choking voice,There was a wave of hostility on Yang Pingfan’s face,“About Lao Guo,Settle accounts together。at this point,It’s useless for us to worry,I believe in Lao Guo’s ability,Old birds who have performed overseas missions many times will not be so easy to plant,Now we are going to make things big,Let the other party know,We can’t just toss about。We were in Ming before,They are dark,Now the situation has changed,It’s time for us to shoot,Isn’t it a golden plate?,I will come here to catch a mantis。”
Chapter 28 The Praying Mantis Catching the Cicada and the Oriole
Some escape,I lost my phone and everything,Both of them are bold and stimulating,And don’t say hello to Li Suifeng,It’s so decided。
Yang Pingfan uses Guo Xiong to teach,Sneak into the slum again,Made a dilapidated Ford,Then go to the spot near the auction site。When the two of them are busy,Leonard also fell into deep contemplation in his stronghold。
The autopsy results of the three orcs have come out,I don’t need to read the report to know how Leonard died.,Cold weapon,Head-on without any fancy,Defeated and killed in close combat。
Although these three orcs are scraps from the laboratory,But that is for the shape,Individual combat capability,Comparable to the top special forces of mankind,Plus the weird appearance,Mental arithmetic,It can be said that no one can beat,He was beaten to death like this。Leonard lights a cigar,Take out the phone,Turned out againyoutubeThe video of Yang Pingfan,Frowning。
Chinese people don’t like to blow cowhide to the sky like Indians,Always like to hide,Maybe they really made a breakthrough,Galaxy Technology,It seems it’s time to shoot。
Leonard thought of this,Called,“it’s me,I request a CEO meeting within this week,Special request for the person in charge of China to participate,I have important things to report,Yes,Be sure to help all major shareholders set aside time。”
When Yang Pingfan and the two were preparing for big things,Parachi, the owner of the gold pan, is againlineMessage from above,Ask where are the two。