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But the world of immortality is so vast,After hundreds of millions of years,Countless talented predecessors have repeatedly studied,Finally found that there is something called“Yuan Yueshui”Treasure,Wrap Yuanyue Water for Xingsuo,Without affecting the speed,Yuan Yueshui can manipulate the star shuttle to avoid various dangers in the starry sky,It can also prevent Star Shuttle from colliding with other aircraft。

Lei Tianzi is overjoyed,Thought:“It should be that no one in this world knows Yuan Yueshui,This was sold as waste,The value of this thing cannot be measured,No one wants to sell,Who has Yuan Yueshui,It means you can travel in the stars at will,It has an irreplaceable role in developing resources and discovering new planets。”
Lei Tianzi showed a happy smile,Xiao Lan, who was going to comfort him, saw it,She looked at the Tuan Yuan Yueshui curiously and asked:“boss,What is this?Like glass glue。”
“It’s called yuanyueshui,It is a must for starry sky travel,This thing is amazing,Belonging to the baby bred by heaven and earth,Able to predict the danger ahead of the channel,Even if you drive the Star Shuttle around,Brand a star chart down,Can sell for a lot of money。”
“Oh!They all said there is no baby,So I don’t know the real baby!”Xiaolan is smart,Speak out。
“There are many things in the vast starry sky that humans do not know,I can’t say all the knowledge。”
Then cut another piece of Xingbao,It’s really empty inside,Cut like this,Five kinds of treasures were found。
One of them“gray”,This thing looks like a mass of ashes,black and white,There is no vision of a treasure born,Lei Tianzi studied for a long time,Finally did not give up,When Xiaolan squeezed it away curiously,A miracle happened,The place shrouded in ashes disappeared,Both were shocked,Tianzi Lei just remembered,It’s called“Overlord Grey”,The legend is the product of the ashes of a powerful cultivator thousands of years after his death.,The role is to help the concealment of the magical space,The method is to sprinkle a handful at the entrance,Recyclable,It’s also a kind of treasure。
There is also a red bean,This thing looks like a seed,And the seeds of plants,Lei Tianzi tried planting in the seven-story pagoda,The formation with acceleration time is set up,Only found out a year later,The beans that grow into are called“Shoushu”Rare treasures。
A longevity tree has a leaf for 100,000 years,The trunk has the effect of reshaping the flesh,The specific approach is,Collect the soul sacrifice after death of the cultivator for seven to seven forty-nine days,Intercept the main trunk of a longevity tree,Must have a core part,Sculpture human form,There are special spells in the process of casting。
There is also an egg,Although this thing is not common,Lei Tianzi can still recognize it,It’s called“Worm egg”,Insects are very rare creatures in ancient times,Legend has it that its eggman will add courage to eating it,Change a person’s character,Transform a coward into a warrior who is not afraid of death,Not lose your mind,Belongs to a kind of treasure,The egg is the size of a walnut,Flat,Creamy white。
The last piece is a semi-finished original artifact,Called“Crane helmet”,The role is to get lost in the stars,Use crane helmets to find a way out,Similar to a camel in the desert,Naturally sensitive to water,Crane helmets have an instinctive intimacy for vitality,Semi-finished products mean not fully mature,Need to be nurtured in a special way,It is wrapped with the fused god crystal,Let the crane helmet absorb energy in the time-accelerated formation,Final shape。
No messy baby is offensive and defensive,But all extraordinary,In terms of value,Every treasure far exceeds the price paid for buying Xingbao。
Since Qiao Huiru and others don’t want,Emperor Lei smiled calmly,These things will definitely be used in the future,And it’s a lifesaver,Can come in handy at critical moments。
Hongna heard about those“water”、“ash”All baby,From indifference to passion,Actively request to buy Xingbao again。